Knowing who you are is the most important thing in life and as women become more comfortable in their own way, they can do amazing things. With the combination of ‘’confidence, style and personality’’ women show what I call real beauty. The questions that keep knocking in every woman’s head are;
•       What does it mean to be ‘’beautiful’’?
•       What does ‘’beauty’’ truly mean in the sense of age, especially for women who are at the prime of their lives?
•       What’s the true meaning behind having confidence, style and personality in regards to age?
Let us now analyze these one by one.

1.      Confidence: Means the ability to hold your head up high and bother not about what others think. It’s the ability in you not involving or tolerating doubt. Strong hold and belief in yourself will give reflection of others being able to trust your ability. Confidence is an important trait for a woman and it has to come from within you. Because as time grows we grow older and face lots of challenges; which seem to boost our confidence and self esteem. It’s so true to that saying that age makes you stronger, never to be knocked down.

2.      Style: Is the way a woman carries herself with clothes, accessories, and physical appearance. ‘’Style’’ also refers to the general attitude conveyed through movement, words of mouth and eye contact. Only when all of these are put together can there be a strong, independent female vibes that encompasses attitude and beauty. While clothes and physical appearance are related to visible beauty, it’s the underlying side of beauty that really comes with age. Style is learned not immediately present from the word-go. It’s this learned elements of life experience that radiates the true beauty from within.

3.      Personality: compared to style and confidence, personality is the most standardized element of a person. It encompasses the traits you’re born with and the way you understand things about the world which changes over time. However, personality always seems to stay with you as something that is essentially who you really are, the way you interact with others, vies yourself, and take on the world all rolled into one.
Personality can have positive and negative traits, yet in the end, they always seem to balance each other out. A person’s personality is a connection to their beauty. While beauty is a combination of the good traits you have and exhibit, as well as the ability to show them off and wear them like you would your favorite outfit; gracefully with a smile. Being who you are is important and it’s a pride.

4.      Knowing who you are: knowing who you are and where you’re going are two of the most important parts of life and as women become more comfortable in their own way, they can do amazing things. Girls, if you get one thing out of this piece, then you shouldn’t worry about what others think or say as long as the good in you is visible and of value. It’s in your soul, your mind and in the heart to live a life that pleases you so the talk of good never cease. Go out and get what you want because you’re worth it in the end.



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