Instagram is a great place to showcase your talent and I have found several male makeup artists whose work I adore. Their work is unbelievable and it’s truly an art form. But if you only know female makeup artist running the game, you have been doing some serious slacking.

We are about to school you on this one, these men are doing super well in their fields and have made the saying that ‘’what a man can do a woman can do better’’ to tilt in their favor, one up for these brothers making all the ladies look good on special days and every other day.

Introducing you to all of them would be difficult, but here are the few most famous male makeup artists you absolutely need to know. Ready?………….  In no particular order.


JIDE OF ST OLA:  Jide is one makeup artist I admire a lot; his skills are one in a million. He is phenomenal, and his works just speaks for itself.  jide is an amazing and talented self-taught makeup artist. Jide is what I call every bride’s best friend. His works takes him everywhere, when i say everywhere, I mean everywhere. Jide is not just a makeup artist but he is a fashion expert, creative director and makeup extraordinaire. He is definitely on our list. Check out his works.





DAVE SUCRE: Known as #GlamDust Dave Sucre is into theatrical, fashion and bridal makeup. Dave Sucre has been doing so well; he even has makeup training sessions at his studios from time to time. Dave is an award-winning makeup artist who is good at what he does. Passion is the word for his amazing works shows how passionate he is about the job. Dave is warm, charming and very stylish. Check out some of his works.






EZE NNUNU (SUTCHAY): Popularly known as Sutchay. He is also the manager of Dave Sucre’s studio. His works is mostly fashion and beauty makeup.Check out some his works.






SIMI JOSH:  Simi Josh is a staff of MUD Nigeria; he is the last name on our list to reckon with. He is into every type of makeup there is and we are just happy to see that they are all experts and booming in their fields. V=Check out some his works.



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