6 Essential Makeup Brushes and Their Less-Pricey Alternatives


6 Essential Makeup Brushes and Their Less-Pricey Alternatives

This post would benefit a lot of us who are so passionate about beauty and yet appreciate the value of savings! Some of us buy a bunch of makeup brushes and after a few weeks they are all lying idle in every corner of the room.. Nawooh!

What makeup brushes do I really need? Which is essential and which is not?

Without much preamble, let’s go straight to the point!

1. Foundation Brush

The Flat foundation brush is a synthetic brush used to apply liquid or cream foundation on the face. 

The duo fibre brush is specifically designed to generate an airbrushed finish when used to apply a liquid foundation. DUO FIBRE BRUSH costs about N7, 000.


But don’t be scared I just discovered its alternative: Recently, I found a new tool for applying foundation that gives me that satisfying airbrush finish! Haha!  It’s a BEAUTY BLENDER (an egg shaped makeup sponge) and it Costs about “N165” for one piece. Go get yours now!!!

2. Powder/Blush Brush:


Powder brush is used to apply pressed or loose powder all over the face. It is also fantastic for using as a bronzing brush for larger areas of the skin such as the neck. The bristles pick up the perfect amount of color (powder/bronzer) and distributes flawlessly onto the skin. Medium-sized powder brush can also be used to apply blush on apple of the cheek. POWDER/BLUSH BRUSH costs N5, 980 

Just hear this again, because I have another alternative:  POWDER FOAM/DISC FOAM is used to apply powder on the face. With this, you can massage the powder to penetrate evenly and hence, more flawless look will be achieved! It relatively cheap and costs about N50 for one. 

3. Eye shadow Brush:


Used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments to the eyelid For that perfect attraction you need for your lid and creases of the eye, makeup artists say well-crafted mixed-fiber brushes are a necessary expense. Stiffer synthetic hair deposits color, the rounded top lets you hit that crease, and softer fibers work “like a windshield wiper to spread and blend the color,” says L. A. makeup artist Fiona Stiles

Any alternative? Not known yet (***Smiles***) 

4. Contour Brush

A smaller head of natural bristles—like the ones on Marc Jacobs’ Angled Blush Brush. With it you target where color goes and blends for a natural finish. You can also use the slanted edge for contouring, giving you more bang for your buck. A single contour brush costs N4, 225

ALTERNATIVE: you can use your eye shadow brush for this purpose

5. Flat Angled Brush 

The small angled or slanted brush is used to fill the sparse area of the brows.. Getting a single ANGLED BROW BRUSH can cost N3, 380


ALTERNATIVE: Thick COTTON BUDS can be used for shaping the eyebrow arch when dipped in concealer or foundation. Costs about N169 for a 150psc

6. Spiral Eyebrow Brush

This is used to take excess mascara from the lashes to avoid clogging. This makes the brow even if it is drawn with a pencil or brow filler to appear natural. It is also used to tone down eye pencil from the brows when it’s too much! 

An example is MAC LASH BRUSH and it costs N2, 536

ALTERNATIVE: Do u know that an OLD MASCARA WAND works magic? U can wash for use and it serves perfectly as it’s same as the spiral eyebrow brush. It costs nothing! There are so many other brushes. From my List above …with brush 1 and 2, be sure to have that flawless base you seek.

Brush 3 and l4 would help you blend colors on the eyelid perfectly and contour on the crease respectively.

Brush 5 and 6 would help you achieve the perfect brow arch.

But I suggest you buy a complete set of makeup brushes which will cost you only N4,500 for just your personal make up or if you are a makeup artist you can go for a bigger set of makeup brushes which is about N12,0000 in the market. WHAT DO YOU THINK?



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