A wedding is not complete without the bridesmaids, know in the hausa wedding tradition as kawayen Amaryan ( Friends if the bride ) . Bridesmaids are typically young and are often close friends or and sisters of the bride. For the brides friends to appear glamorous , the concept of Anko was long introduced as part of wedding tradition in hausa land . As a matter of fact, Anko, also known as Aso-ebi, brings life into wedding ceremonies. The flamboyancy of the colourful attire worn by family and friends makes a wedding more elaborate .
 Anko is the next  centre of attraction after the couple, and this is why brides are more interested and particular about making sure that their friends stand out gorgeously in beautiful attires during their weddings.
Basically in Nigeria, in a wedding ceremony — be it a traditional or white wedding — it is important to choose the right colours for the bride’s maids, such that it matches the colour of the occasion. These days, weddings are made more colourful because of the presence of the colourful dresses worn by the bridesmaids, members of the family and other invited guests.
Nigeria has lots of beautiful cultures and traditions and our weddings, irrespective of the tribes, are always phenomenal. In fact, the bride is always the cynosure of eyes at every wedding. After her, are her maids and other  Anko wearers.
Anko  comes in different looks and texture.  it has a way of reflecting the uniqueness and bond of the family and friends present at the occasion. It also increases one’s confidence, especially when the dresses are correctly accessorized and well-tailored. In most weddings, what is likely to be seen as the Anko are materials ranging from wax print fabrics and laces.  Sometimes you would even see the combination of more than one Ankara fabric and satin resulting to fabulous looks .
It is not enough to pick the Anko dresses. In most cases same style will be required , colour of shoes and bags, same makeup artist should make all the bridesmaids up so as to have a uniform look . An Anko  will definitely not be complete unless it is complemented with the right purse/bags, jewelry, shoes, hairstyles or better still gele (headgear).
Here are important accessories that can complement the Anko look:
SHOES: The selected shoes for weddings are always meant to complement the dresses. Shoes are supposed to be  comfortable , classy and befitting of the occasion.  to ensure that you do not walk and stumble while walking into or around the hall, you should be wise in your selection. Most importantly, the bridesmaids should wear shoes with neutral heels, which will be comfortable to walk around , in order to avoid painful blisters. When selecting your shoes ensure that the heels are comfortable to walk with and the colour matches the dress. This further beautifies the Anko idea in bridesmaids as well as guests in any wedding.
BAGS: Wedding handbags usually range from clutches, totes, to purses. They are petite, fashionable and easy to carry. You can nail the look of the moment by either picking a clutch or purse bag for the occasion.  Big or shoulder  bag is definitely not the best idea for an occasion like weddings, and certainly not for the bridesmaids.
JEWELLERY: The importance of jewellery in the world of fashion is simply undeniable. Having the right jewellery to accessorize your outfit for the occasion can spell the difference. Get the right pieces for the occasion. You might be too overwhelmed with your choices and end up choosing awkward pieces of jewellery that do not match your attire. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many jewellery pieces a woman uses, especially when dressing for a big  occasion. Be wise in your choice because the  right jewelry  enhances and complements the other accessories you may use for the occasion.
GELE: Gele can be large and elaborate. Personally, I don’t think there is any Nigerian wedding that is complete without Gele . It is a fundamental piece used to complete the attire being displayed by the bride, her maids and female guests. You may think it’s all about the dresses but the truth is the gale completes the entire package. It is pertinent to know that choosing the right gale matters..


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