Belts are one of the essential items in a lady’s wardrobe. It is very important because not only does it give fitting to an outfit, it also adds to the look. Until recently, most people fancied very small belts, but the big belts are coming back, moreso with great gusto.
There are many ways to style your big belts and slay;
-Using a belt over your kimono or big blazers gives it more definition and shape. Don’t fold that shapeless blazer inside your wardrobe for it to waste away. Just get a big ass belt and wrap it around the blazers and it will give you the oversize trend vibe.
-Create a vibe with your evening gown by adding a statement piece belt to it. It kind of sounds weird to pair a belt with a long fitted evening gown but hear me out and try it. When choosing your statement belt, make sure to go for something very edgy, that will be easily spotted like a studded belt or a print belt; better still an animal skin print, In favor of the season’s print. Adding a large accessory to a statement evening gown makes it more dramatic in a good way. Ensure to do it the right way though.
-You can also tame a busy look with a big belt. Wearing an all patterned outfit and you’re feeling skeptical about the look? Just add a big belt to it, pulling it up your waist. It will immediately add a finesse to the look, breaking up particularly loud patterns and helping you incorporate a polished outlook.
-Big belts also raise your casual look a notch higher. Sometimes you are dressed for a casual outing but you know your outfit doesn’t give you the “wow” factor you want and are used to. Maybe its a cute top and a high waist jeans or a plain cute dress? All you need is a belt. Pair that casual outfit with a belt, a big one and you’re good to go.
-Big belts set up your skirt also. I know you thought that belts were for just triyders and dresses but no. Belts can add to your skirt by taking it from okay to dope! These street style stars you see most times, don’t just do the needful but thrive on the extra. Your skirt can be fine on it’s own but just needs that belt to make it perfect.


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