Beauty Trend: Eyebrow Wigs!


So, I was doing a research on makeup innovations in recent times and I came across many different new and amazing beauty innovations promising to change your life (or at least your looks) for the better: From Do-it-Yourself Laser hair removal tools with 5 different settings for different skin tones, to hair dryers that emit less heat (thereby causing less damage to the hair), but also dry faster and moisturize your hair, all at once! There is plenty of alluring new beauty products out there; one can evidently see that beauty product manufacturers have “put on their thinking caps” and are working tirelessly to make our morning makeup routines less strenuous.

But in all the fascinating (and they really are fascinating!) beauty innovations I found, none is as interesting as the Eyebrow Wigs! Yep – there are wigs for your brows now, and they are simply genius. What is more impressive about the pair of wigs is that, not only do they provide an alternative to having to fill in, pluck or draw your brow arches every morning, more importantly, people experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy or alopecia can use them. In fact, the wigs are said to have originally been made for those with hair loss problems before it was ‘hijacked’ by the beauty world and became a trend.  The faux brows are made from real human hair, and provide a way to recreate the eyebrows without committing to the much more permanent option of micro-blading (a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool). So, if you never really got the hang of on how to draw those picture-perfect brow arches, or you have sparse, thin brow hair caused by over plucking or waxing, or you just can’t be bothered with attending to your brows every morning, these wigs can help you achieve the brows you dream of, with very little effort. The brows have a flexible base made of transparent lace. An adhesive attaches them to the skin, and they stay on for about a week! Just remove your makeup, apply eyelash glue to your brow bone area and stick them to your face.

There! Eyebrow dream come true! The lace-style sticker is invisible and the brows look like perfectly sculpted brows; as long as you apply them correctly. They also come in different shapes, colours and sizes! Amazing, right? I know! But there are those who do not think so. Judging by the reactions on social media, a good number of people are having a hard time accepting eyebrow wigs as a worthwhile beauty trend. While some are fixated on the idea of having detachable brows, others are questioning the rightness of having a healthy person put on the wigs for beauty purposes, when they were originally made for people who suffer from illnesses that result in hair loss. And then, there are those who are just not open to the idea for reasons known only to them. But there are still a good number of people who think that this innovation is a brilliant beauty accessory. Whether the wigs take off as the newest beauty “must-have” remains to be seen, but the brilliance of them is definitely undeniable.


By: Akaomachi B.


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