Brides wearing wedding shoes with a high heel are popular around the world. They add elegance and glamour to your outfit, elongating your legs and adding height which is useful if you are marrying a tall man. It is often the brides that don’t usually wear high heels who want to do something special on their wedding day and try out high heel wedding shoes, but this can take some practice and preparation.

If you aren’t used to wearing high heels, jumping straight into a pair of six inch stilettos is going to have you limping by the end of the ceremony. Be realistic about what you can wear, and remember they will need to be comfortable enough to wear for the whole day. If you have your dress altered to suit high heels it will be too long for you to slip into flats halfway through the reception.

Taking the actual shoes you will wear for the wedding is the best way to be sure the length of your wedding dress will work with the bridal high heels you have chosen. If you haven’t already bought them, try to take along a pair with a similar sized heel. This should prevent you getting your heel caught in the hem of your gown and tumbling headlong down the aisle.

If you are having an outdoor wedding you’re likely to get yourself stuck in the lawn if your wear razor sharp stilettos. Equally, you might create heel marks in a wooden dance floor. Look for wider heels or wedges for a larger surface area as well as added comfort.

Wearing high heels requires a different way of walking and different muscles from wearing











flat shoes. When you buy your high heel wedding shoes, try to get another similar pair in the same style that you can wear to the office or on a few nights out. This will help to train your feet and legs to cope with high heels, and will also show you whether you are likely to get sore toes or blisters on the day.

It could be seen as traditionalist or even sexist, but most brides don’t want to tower over their new husband in their wedding photos. It’s surprising how much height those heels can add, so if there isn’t much difference between you and your fiance, make sure your bridal heels aren’t going to make you taller than him. On the other hand if you are petite and marrying a giant, the bridal high heel was made just for you!

Bridal high heel are stylish and elegant, make you look confident and more attractive.





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