Captivating Pre-wedding pictures of 2017


Pre-wedding photo shoot, is the photo session undergone by the soon to be newlyweds in using beautiful and captivating surroundings to snap photographs that will speak of their love.

As the name implies the pictures are taken before the “D” DAY; and it helps the couple unwind as they create lasting memories with each other.  Pre-wedding photos are fast becoming a growing trend all over the world Nigeria inclusive.

In Nigeria, the engaged couples use the pre-wedding photos as another means of invitation to those who the invitation cards cannot get to them. Friends and families of the couple use such pictures as their DPs or Profile pictures on their social media accounts.

The couple decks up in beautiful clothing and some even wear different clothes and assume different styles postures during the photo shoot. IN case of those who work in uniform related industries, some dress in their uniforms to take such photos.  Here are some captivating pre-wedding photos of 2017 specifically handpicked for your viewing pleasure.
































By Maimuna Bagudu








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