5 fashion trends for women to bring back in 2018


Finally 2018 is here and it’s a new year. 2017 surely came with lots of new innovations and fashion trend in the fashion industry. The year has been clearly established, from the red carpet to runway and fashionistas in Nigeria have been rocking each season’s hottest trends. In fact, some are already starting to upgrade their wardrobe in 2018. No doubt; learning about new styling ideas is what keeps the fashion ship sailing and we at Tozali would like to bring to you 5 fashion trends for women to bring back in 2018. Enjoy as you take your

Cold shoulders
The off-the- shoulder styles is one of the famous fashion trends that were  rocked last year; and from all indications it is making a comeback in 2018. Designers have taken a creative spin on the trend by creating and upgrading the shoulder cut. The cold shoulder style exposes the neckline and shoulders with ease which makes it easy to wear.


Voluminous sleeves
The voluminous sleeve is a trend with an old English spin which celebrities and fashionistas have been rocking for a long time and designers have taken a stronghold of. No doubt this trend should definitely be brought back in 2018 as it adds beauty to every girl rocking it.

Off shoulder blouses
Off shoulder blouses are no doubt beautiful anyway you decide to rock them either with a nice jean, skirt, gown or blouse. Either way it brings out the chick, trendy, girly and not too revealing look if you are a conservative kind of girl.







Fringes have been around since the eighteenth century and have maintained its importance till this moment. This amazing style can be worn on the end of dresses or skirts, but the placement of fringes are not just  depending on how creative your designer can be; this style can be placed throughout the entire length of the dress or at the end or on the shoulder.






Ankara Blazers
Ankara blazers are light jackets and they can transform any outfit. This style can transform a plain dress or skirt into something spectacular. It can be worn to school, work, weddings, events or a night out. The beauty of it is that it is made with African prints especially Ankara.







By Maimuna Bagudu


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