Just like there are hairstyles that suit your face shape and some that don’t, so do eyebrows need to be shaped in a way that suits your face.

Eyebrows frame not only your eyes but your face as a whole. If you want to do your eyebrow, you have to consider the shape of your face in other to have that perfect look. Here are perfect eyebrow shapes for your face.

1. IF YOU HAVE A ROUND FACE: If you have a round face I know u will be doing everything to make it slimmer. Worry no more because your eyebrow can actually help you get a slimmer face if they are perfectly shaped. You will have to avoid round shaped brows because it will make the whole of your face look rounder. Go for some angles and a bit of height as this will elongate your face. Go for a structured brow with an arch that is quite angular and a bit higher.

2. IF YOU HAVE A SQUARE FACE : If you have a square face, a strong, thick, curved arch to counter the angles of your face and create a softer look is necessary. Keep your brows more rounded and also be sure to not have too much distance between each eyebrow, because this could make your face look wide.

3. IF YOU HAVE AN OVAL FACE: People with oval face suit every hairstyle and brows shape. The only thing suggested for them is to follow the nature of their brows and let them do their thing, trying to keep lines softer.

4. IF U HAVE A HEART SHAPED FACE: Those with such shape of face have a lovely cheekbone but their forehead is the widest part of their face. Your eyebrow should be low-key, with a very soft curved arch and slightly thicker brows, to make the forehead look a bit smaller.



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