Common beauty mistakes for your hair


When it comes to beauty, everyone   wants to be at their best.

Now there are lots of common beauty mistakes that people make unknown to them; which is actually not their fault.

  1. Rubbing your hair with a towel: using a bath towel is considered the standard way to dry off the hair after washing, but this is totally wrong because basically this act is the short cut to the fastest route to breakage and frizz. So the best thing to do is use your hands to gently squeeze out the extra water in large section, then followed with a towel blotting and squeezing the hair rather than rubbing the towel on your hair.
  2. Brushing your hair when it’s wet: your hair is more fragile when its wet which is why brushing or combing after washing is a No-No thing to do. It can compromise healthy hair and induce breakage.
  3. Protecting your hair from the sun: if you value the health of your hair you will know that exposing it to the sun is a bad idea because the sun dries your scalp and makes it looks unhealthy.
  4. Changing hair products: lots of women are never comfortable with one product they tend to change when their friends are using a new one. So changing hair products often damages your hair and you can never get good results for your hair
  5. Hair dye: with the fashion and beauty thing going on these days, hair colouring is one thing women love doing which is neither good nor healthy for the hair. It breaks it and makes it loose its healthy look. So when next you want to think of dying your hair think twice and act wisely.


By Maimuna Bagudu


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