Eggs.. The protein in eggs helps in maintaining and repair body tissues including muscle. For brain health, eggs contain vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the brain and the nervous system to function effectively, eggs contains all the nutrients that the body need to produce energy,

Th benefits of eating eggs, are nutrient packed with a ranged of essential vitamins and minerals,

An averaged serving of 2 eggs contains 82 %of your daily vitamins d required and 50% of your daily folate requirement.

25% of your daily ribeflaving (vitamin B2) eggs contains useful amount of vitamin A, E, B, c and b 12 as well as iron iodine and phosphor all vitamin in supporting your healthy balance diet.

Eggs contains a lots of protein to build blocks of life, essential for the strength and repair of muscle and tissue,, one eggs containing about 6,3 grans of protein.

The advantages of the protein in eggs links to in fact eggs contain all nine essential amino acid in sufficient amount to support egg muscle growth, Eggs help increase high density lipoprotein, (HDL) levels or good cholesterol as it’s commonly known and this is one reason why eggs have been found to have little to effect on heart disease risk, egg yolks are one of a handful of foods that naturally contain vitamin D and with close to a quarter of all adults suffering from a mild or moderate vitamin D deficiency, the case for eggs is even more potent.

Research have found that eating eggs can make you feel satisfied,boosting metabolic activity,delaying the rate at which food leaves the stomach. Eggs contains antioxidants that are beneficial for the eyes.

Eggs contains a range of vitamin and minerals including vitamin A, E. and selemiun counteract degenerative vision as you age.

By Zainab Sani Suleiman