Essential grooming tips for men


Being a man doesn’t mean you have to wear expensive clothes, drive an expensive car in town. However much you protest, it cannot be denied that people instantly judge you based on how you look. You could be a successful  businessman that is making millions of naira, but if you are dressed shabbily with food stains on your clothes and with two days’ growth of stubble on your face, then you will be judged accordingly. For you to be a gentleman to the core there are some essential grooming tips you need to have in mind. These tips will make you stand out among your contemporaries and even make you be the dream man of every woman.  Follow these tips as a guide:


Be Hygienic

A healthy body does it for you. If you take care of your body, it’s half the job already done when it comes to making a good impression. Some men are fond of being in the habit of looking unkept. From their rooms, down to the clothes they wear. There’s no excuse for leaving the house with your teeth un-brushed, nails untrimmed, and hair unkempt. While you may not care what people thinks of your appearance, you never know who you might see. Try at least to change your boxers twice in a week  or everyday and stop wearing just one after every bath.  Smell nice, wear neat and ironed clothes and always keep your surrounding clean and tidy. 


Pamper your skin

To ensure that your skin is glowing and that you look fresh, do what the doctor ordered. Make sure you drink at least two litres of water a day. It takes a getting used to but does wonders for your complexion. Get enough sleep so that you don’t have puffy eyes, and also moisturize regularly to keep your skin nourished. Eat vegetables and lots of fruits, and make you stay away from creams that will damage your skin. You don’t want someone shaking your hands and feeling a very hand palm thinking they are touching a rock. 

Add Colour To Your Wardrobe.

Clothes that fit well, and which are clean, neatly ironed and smell good are very important. Don’t recycle clothes that have been chucked into your laundry basket because you have run out of clean, ironed clothes. You won’t fool anyone with that trick! The fit also is very important. It’s no use wearing expensive shirts and branded trousers if you’ve got the wrong fit. People would  only notice that your clothes are hanging on you or alternatively, are too tight for you. Try as much as possible to also go for different colours. Just because you are a man doesn’t mean you should only be seen in a black outfit. Come on be playful and look amazing with other mild colours. 

Shave when the need arises

Shave regularly to look your best. If you grow  a beard or a moustache, then make sure it is trimmed neatly and has no stray hairs sticking out in multiple directions. Also make sure that you shave in the same direction as the growth of the hair and that you soften your facial hair before shaving it. This will ensure that there aren’t shaving burns and reduce your chances of getting any. And use a good aftershave to ease the bumps . 

Shiny shoes.

Men are judged by their shoes. Men are known to go the extra mile to spend money on buying shoes and wristwatches. If you don’t know this yet, you have obviously no idea about the typical standards used to judge men. If you are wearing formal shoes, make sure they are not looking like you just brought it out from a dog’s mouth nor dirty. They should be polished and shiny. Casual shoes should also be clean and avoid tattered shoes at all costs!

Smell good.

Don’t go overboard and douse yourself with strong smelling perfume. Pick one cologne and stick with it. Don’t use different smelling soaps, lotions and then apply cologne because the scents could mix badly resulting in a bad smell that can choke the person sitting next to you. Don’t ever go cheap when buying perfume. Not only might it react badly with your skin, but also it can never smell as good as the original. Also, never ever try to disguise body odour with cologne. It’s the worst thing you could possibly do! Have a shower instead and you must use  deodorant because deodorant is effective at masking smell.

Keep your hands clean.

Women notice nice hands and hands play a make-or-break role in business meetings because of the importance of a handshake. Cut and file your nails regularly and also make sure that they don’t have any residue of food or dirt stuck in them. Keep a nail clipper, file and other items you might need in the shower so that you can save time needed to do this. Wash your hands frequently and especially after a meal because smelly and sweaty hands are the biggest turn off. Also use a bit of hand lotion on them to prevent your hands resembling like that of untarred road.  


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