If eyes are the window to our soul then some well applied eyeliner surely must act like an excellent window frame, enhancing, defining and giving our eyes more structure.  The eyeliner is perhaps one of the most important pieces of makeup we can own, for it is steeped in history and significance.

It was first documented as being used in Ancient Egyptian times. Not only did they use it for beautification, but also as protection from the gods and as a basic form  against the harsh glare of the sun for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Eyeliners  are is very important when wearing makeup, it has been and still. Back then they made their own eyeliner by grinding a combination of lead and minerals to create a powdery soot.

Now we are overwhelmed with creamy  long-lasting gels, and silky, fluid liquid options.

Here are five  Eyeliner application simple rule you must know.

Eyeliner rules, 

  1. Make sure your eyeliner pencil or brush, if you’re applying a gel, are clean or freshly sharpened before you start.
  2. The shape of your eye will pretty much dictate how you wear your eyeliner. Use the curve of your lower lash line to help you create the perfect flick on the upper lid.
  3. Remember, the further in you bring your eyeliner line, the closer together your eyes will appear so if you want to create a bit more distance start your eyeliner a little further along your lash line.
  4. Eyeliner is not just for the top lash line or under the bottom lashes, lining the inside of your upper and lower lash line creates just as much impact and is easier to master if you find the top of the lid tricky.
  5. It’s not all about black eyeliner. Switch things up with a more muted brown or grey or jazzy metallics.

 An eyeliner trick that all the pro’s use is applying a flesh colored pencil along the bottom lid line. It creates the illusion of making your eyes look instantly more wide awake.