We don’t always plan to fall in love, it’s not something that we sit and make up our minds to do, it just happens without us knowing. Love is natural, it comes naturally, because it is part of being human.  Falling in love doesn’t require practice or permission, it’s something that just comes, and it comes without boundaries or restrictions.

People often fall in love without ever having or knowing the reasons why or how it happened. Sometimes they try hard to find a reason but they end up without having any. Everything around us is made of love, even the smallest of things that we hardly regard or acknowledge.  And because love is natural and therefore in control of itself, it’s just got to flow, whether we like it or not. That is why we hardly choose the people our hearts fall for, it’s hard to even remember where or how it started with being in love with some people that you hold dear to your heart, because the heart does all the work;  it chooses for you, and then gives  you all those emotions.

You will keep falling in love regardless of how, when, where, or who you are falling for, you will love deeply and widely at every chance your heart gets. And then you will crave the feelings over and over again despite the ordeals.

It is nature, that’s what nature doesn’t to us, regardless of the circumstances. It cannot be cheated.  It will always be difficult to restrict the heart, so let it loose, open it up, feel the feelings, and enjoy the serenity it comes with at the moment, no matter how short lived it is.



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