One of the most popular trends these days are bead necklaces; Nigerian
women love their beads. Most bead accessories come on complete sets of matching bracelets and earrings.

Beads can be a cocktail of different colors. Even if a person does not
like a matching color, they could mix the beads with other colors.
Example, if you don’t want a full white color bead you can mix the
white with red blue or any other color that will compliment it. 
Most of these designs are spiral, crystal beads, delicate beads, gemstone
beads, flat backs etc. And they come with bracelets made in the same
technique and matching earrings.

Most of the designs are suitable for formal occasions and celebrations
especially the crystals which shine like stars in the night.

You can also wear the small beads anytime you want, as long as they
fit your personal style. Beading is very important even for children as it engage  them in positive activity.
It is very simple to make and comfortable to wear.


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