Regardless of your height and body shape, there is no excuse whatsoever for fashion to elude you. You don’t need to be as tall as a model to look fantastic in the latest fashions.

Short women have some advantages in the fashion world. You can only add some length to pair of pants or a skirt by letting down the hem line, but you can take up a pair of pants as much as you need to get a perfect fit. If you are a short woman, your goal is likely to give an illusion of height this can be done by tricking the eyes using clever fashion techniques. Here are some tips:

Lengthen the line of your body with monochromatic colours

If you wear a different colour on top as opposed to the bottom, you tend to cut your body in half which virtually make you appear shorter. This is particularly true if one colour is light and the other dark. Instead, try wearing a monochromatic outfit in a single shade of shirt and pants or shirt and shirt. This creates a long, lean line that adds illusion of height to your figure.

Wear dark colours

Dark colours, particularly if monochromatic, add the illusion of height. A black top and slim black pant with carefully chosen accessories and moderate high heels in black gives a long, lean sophisticated line that is perfect for a variety of occasions. Dark colour also makes you slimmer which is an added bonus.

Avoid shorted, flared pants and Capri pants

You will appear to be taller if you wear a pant length that covers the shoe. The popular Capri style pant can break your height and make you appear shorter. Straight pants are also very flattering if you want to appear taller. Wear high waist pants and skirts for maximum height, they add height and greater leg length. Avoid hip pant styles if you are short in stature.

Choose a smaller belt

Thick, bully belts tend to cut the length of your body. Opt for a thinner belt, if you wear one at all. Also avoid belt with a colour that contrast with the shade of your outfit or one that has too much details. You want to maintain a clean simple line.

Choose your shoes wisely

You don’t need to wear stiletto heels every day just because you are short, instead wear a more comfortable shoe with a moderate heel and matching hose that blend with your skin colour and outfit