Sugar Vs Honey- Are there really any difference?


Honey contains the same basic sugar units as table sugar. It is regarded as a natural product while sugar is a man-made, highly processed product. Both of these sweeteners have glucose and fructose in them. In granulated sugar, the glucose and fructose are bounded together; these components in honey are separate. Fructose is sweeter when tasting compared to glucose, and this is why so much fructose is being put into our processed foods.

Fructose doesn’t convert to energy very fast like glucose does. Because of this, processed foods that contain high amounts of fructose will be converted to fat more early than honey. If you are trying to improve your diet or lose weight, you should avoid those kinds of food products.

The manufacturing process for sugar often eliminates many healthy components, such as protein, vitamins, minerals, organic acids, and Nitrogen elements. Honey, doesn’t go through this type of process and is usually only subjected to minimal heating. Honey contains other beneficial ingredients that have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that are not contained in sugar.

There are several nutritional facts about honey that will certainly make you feel good about using honey instead of sugar. The single most important reason to eat honey is because of its many health benefits. The glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed into your body which will result in you having more energy. Fructose in honey will help your energy levels last longer compared to sugar. Honey increases the performance and endurance level for athletes because it lowers muscles fatigue. Honey has many anti-bacterial properties that are also powerful for fighting different types of bacteria. You can also use it to treat burns and other wounds because it promotes healing and helps to prevent infections.

Using moderate amount of pure raw honey instead can offer incredible benefit to your health and general well-being, not to mention the beauty benefits it can provide too.

Raw honey can therefore, be use to:

1. Alleviate Allergies

2. Boosting energy

3. Brain health

4. Wound and burn treatment

5. Treating cough

6. Relieving a hangover

7. Getting a better night sleep

8. Clearing your complexion

9. Scalp and dandruff treatment.

Dear readers, if you prefer using sugar instead of honey, it is time to switch from sugar to honey because these important health benefits can help you not only feel better if you are sick, but will also help you lose weight faster and help you have a clearer complexion.Using pure, raw honey on your face can help clear your complexion when used as a face wash.


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