First of all, Body odor is an unpleasant smell coming out from someone’s body. It can be a man or a woman. Body odor is natural but embarrassing, and it is something that many people are struggling to get rid of.
People who suffer from body odor may find themselves avoiding the public and intimacy out of embrassement. If you are having body odor, it may be, because you are not taking good care of your body.
Tips To Get Rid Of Body Odor Naturally
1. Shower Regularly: Bacteria reacting with the sweat produced by sweat gland causes body odor. It is important to shower regularly with antiseptic soap and water.
2. Shave Your Armpit And Pubic Hair: The armpit and pubic region are breeding ground for bacteria, and can cause body odor if not, properly taken care of.
3. Wear Fresh Cotton Clothes: Cotton clothes allow the skin to breath, therefore reducing the amount of sweat. Wearing cotton clothes keeps the skin healthy, dry and odor-free.
4. Quit Smoking: Smoking damages the body system and form bacteria on the skin, which causes body odor.
5. Drink Water: Water is the most natural substance and it reduces the formation of bacteria in the intestines. It’s keeps the skin fresh, hydrated and odor-free.
6. Avoid Eating Fatty And Spicy Food: Because food that are fatty such as; fried food, fatty meat etc and spicy food such as; garlic, onion etc can cause body odor.
7. Always Use Natural Deodorant: Natural deodorant such as, apple cider, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, tea, tree oil etc can help eliminate body odor.
By; Firdausi Musa Dantsoho


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