Getting the right weight with the right food



Do you work-out daily to stay fit and in shape, yet your weight keeps increasing? Do you eat the right food and yet no good result? There are some common mistakes about nutrition that you need to know, which most people don’t take notice of, but they triple your weight without you knowing. Some are very easy to overlook.

About 70% of weight loss is diet and 30% exercise. Diets play a major role in losing weight than exercise. So you have to be very conscious of what goes into your mouth because you are what you eat.

Yellow Card for Diary Products:A dairy product or milk product is food produced from the milk of mammals such as cheese, yogurt condensed milk, skimmed milk, ice cream, butter, dried milk. Dairy products are usually high energy-yielding food products. Some few things to minimize or cut out from our diet are dairy products including chicken and meat which rots in the stomach.

Drink Enough Water

Sometimes we confuse thirst for hunger, so you eat a bunch of things thinking your body is hungry meanwhile, it really is just thirsty. Try to drink more water throughout the day, it helps calm you and also keep you full.

Do Not Skip Meals

I know of a friend that developed ulcer by skipping meals trying to lose weight. The most common one is usually breakfast. The problem with skipping meals is that you end up really hungry and tired; you eat anything in sight which might contain more calories than if you had just followed your meal plan of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast sets the pace for your day and also helps you function better throughout the day.

Do No Set Goals That You Cannot Achieve

People set losing weight targets for themselves, but I think that’s not the best alternative. Forget your dream size; what you should do is to take it one at a time. After all, you did not gain all the weight in just one week. If you are fond of that soda which contains high calories, you can start by replacing it with water. This is also applicable to all other weight boaster you want to get rid of. Love yourself and enjoy how far you have come.

Pay Attention to Your Belly Signals

Most people feel hungry without knowing what to eat. I’m of the opinion that each time you are hungry there is a particular food your belly wants to take at that time. Sometimes you eat something and you are still not satisfied; it may be your body is craving something salty or different. Also our bodies are different therefore, what works for one person may not necessarily work for you, so do not be misled.

Drinking Your Calories

Maybe you are eating clean, but are you also drinking your calories from beverages? A can of coke can contain as many as 240 calories, which might not be much but when it becomes a regular part of your day, then it can add tons of calories and sugar to your body and wreck your progress.



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