Too much emphasis is put on reading, writing and numeracy but not enough on the benefits of singing. Singing lullabies to your child is a great way to bond. Whether you sing lullabies or pop songs, the sound of your voice will help her drift to sleep.                

In the olden days, children did not usually go to sleep without the aid of lullaby which was like a sedative to them. But today we see children going to bed without any hope of seeing their parents’ before sleep comes calling. Parents work round the clock, forgetting their primary duties; there seems to be a huge gap between parents and their children today which has not in any way created good parent and child relationship. There is a love connection from parents to their children through singing.

                                           HOW SINGING HELPS YOU AND YOUR CHILD

The sound of your voice has the magic power to soothe and calm your child right from the start. She will recognize it from the conversations she overheard and the songs you sang to her when she was in your womb. When she is a newborn, the sound is familiar and will help calm and reassure her. As she grows, she will associate your singing with calm and sleep time. Children love singing because it mimics their own sounds. Have you ever noticed how melodic your baby’s babbling is? It doesn’t really matter what and how you sing, even the shopping list sounds great to your little one’s ears.

                                          WHAT DO YOU SING TO YOUR CHILD?

Many mums like to begin with a lullaby because they are familiar. Why not ask your mum if she remembers what she sang to you? And don’t be discouraged if they are old fashioned.                                                                                                     To get started, get the lyrics to all your favorite lullabies and  remember how they are meant to go. You could sing songs they have shown interest in; something that arouses their emotions. It should be what makes them happy. There are books or CDs to guide you, good and educative children programs accompanied  with actions on TV to help do the magic. However, parents who are lovers of tradition can sing traditional songs to their children. It’s a way to also imbibe your tradition into them.    

                                          DO CHILDREN GROW OUT OF LULLABIES?

It is reassuring to know that something as simple as nursery rhymes and lullabies could make a big difference in children’s learning. Don’t stop singing once your child starts sleeping through the night, your toddler, pre-schooler or school child will still enjoy joining you for a sing-song. Remember, everyone loves the sound of a good music, and people react to music whether young or old. No one is too young or too old for any music that is pleasant to the ear. And the best music for a child is mum’s voice.    

                                          WHAT IF YOU DON’T KNOW ANY LULLABIES?                        

It doesn’t have to be a lullaby, if you really don’t know or like traditional songs, try something you do enjoy .It should also be appropriate to your child. Pop and Rock songs, no matter how inappropriate to get a baby to sleep, can sound soothing if you sing them gently. Your child, most times, will only listen to the tone of your voice and the ups and downs of the melody, not the lyrics. Don’t worry if you are not a good singer or a star, whatever notes you hit will sound beautiful to your little one. Children respond to live music more than they do to recorded music. They are particularly responsive when the music comes directly from their parents or caregivers.




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