Guidelines for Your Wedding Day Makeup


Ensure your bridal makeup is top-notch using these top tips shared by Sara Lucero, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist and the global creative director of Stila Cosmetics. In a recent interview conducted by Bazaar in London, Sara offers these guidelines for a better-looking makeup and we just can’t thank her enough. Here they are:

Match your body to your face

Apparently, this doesn’t only mean ensuring your foundation is properly blended below the jawline. Lucero says to also make “your shoulders and chest match your face so that the level of shine on your face matches the gleam across your chest and shoulders – this will prevent you from looking oily in photographs”.

Think beyond the portfolio

If you cannot summon the courage to do your own makeup yourself, Lucero recommends getting to know your make-up artist well in advance of the big day – and allowing her to get to know you as well. “I like to meet with them, find their comfort level, and then start thinking about a look for them – even small things like whether she’s a contact-lens wearer or if she’s likely to cry on the day,” says Lucero. Surely, your makeup artist is more likely to do what’s best for you on your big day if she knows more about you. So, have your first trial or meeting with your makeup artist two to three months ahead of the wedding; this also gives you plenty of time to change your mind over your look.

Keep sweat at bay

“Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender is a must-have in my kit”, says Lucero. “You can put them in your bra to prevent sweating, and they’re also amazing for blotting of greasy shine when used dry.” This should be in every bridal kit for sure; and is a big red-carpet trick on hot days too.

Keep it Monochromatic

“The quickest way to end up with a look you’ll regret for years to come is by pairing mismatched shades,” says Sian Ranscombe, beauty writer at bazaar, and Lucero agrees too; she says, “Sticking to a monochromatic look is very classic whether it’s all warm or all cool.  You want to go with a classic, beautiful, enhanced version of yourself which could have been yesterday”. So, do your makeup in such a way that you can look back at it someday and still love it, not something you will look back on and cringe.

In the event of an emergency…

Sometimes the skin protests when you undergo too much stress, and organising a wedding is a known stress-inducing activity. Luckily, dear Lucero has a few tips for covering any imperfections that may erupt in the days leading up to the ceremony. “Press the concealer on and then spread around the edges of the (blemished) area so it’s contained and looks edgeless. Then add a bit of powder and tap it on,” advises Lucero.

Source: (Article by Sian Ranscombe)

By Akaomachi B


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