How To Glow Your Skin Without Spending Spending Much Money


● Having a healthy skin starts from the inside and finishes with a simple skin-care to keep your skin glowing. Your skin like every organ in the body needs water to be functional. Drinking enough water improves the skin appearance; the skin is made up of cells and they’re made up of water and around 60% of the body is intracellular proper hydration ensures cells function at their optimum and that helps flush out toxins from the body.

You don’t have to wait to be thirsty before drinking, drink as much as you can to avoid toxins build up on the skin.

● Eat balanced diet of whole-foods, a diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, lean meat and whole grains will do a great help to keep your skin looking good and great.

● Eat good fats to have a healthy skin because fats are essential part of our diet. It keeps the skin supple and the cell walls strong, it also maintain a good hormone function; good fats are found in nuts, avocados and olives (a few to mention ).

● Eating less sugar helps the collagen that is a protein that gives our skin its youthful look and glow. Refined sugars damages the collagen; to maintain a good healthy looking skin – eat less sugars. Molasses and Brown sugar will be good but in moderation.

● Protect your skin when out in the Sun, a good sunblock like a hat and a face cap will protect your skin.

● Less alcohol and caffeine will help your skin glow. These two are linked to acne increase and also cigarettes causes premature skin wringing. Avoid them and glow your glow!

● Sleep well, by doing so the body is actively repairing and regenerating cells and making new collagen by boosting blood flow to the skin. All you need is a good quality sleep to have that glowing skin.

● Avoid skin products full of chemicals ingredients, that is bad for your skin and health. Using natural products can help the skin glow better – you can mix your own natural products by getting natural butters like, mango butter, avocado butter, aleovera butter and oils (jojoba, avocado, olive, argan, almond and vitamin C or E)or any butter that suits your skin type; its VERY important to know your skin type so to know the best oil or butter to use.

Lastly, to achieve a beautiful skin – you need to work from the inside out!

By Safrat Gani