How to sit like a lady



Sitting like a lady is most relevant when wearing a dress or skirt. One can always practice sitting like a lady in any setting and in any type of outfit, formal or casual. It is really up to the classy lady to decide the look and style of her presence, and therefore each female will approach this subject differently. To most ladies, sitting like a lady indicates that the woman is classy and would like to be treated as such. To some, their commanding presence will not go unnoticed. To others, it prevents unsightly and unplanned views of undergarments and also it affects the behavior and mood of the individual in a positive manner.

There are typically 3 ways women most often sit. The first is an ankle cross with your knees turned to the left and your ankles to your right (unless you are speaking with someone – then your knees would face their direction). It is the most lady-like, but requires more delicate inner thigh muscle development, which is not taught or valued in today’s society.

The second and most commonly used technique of sitting like a lady is the leg cross, which is one knee placed on top of the other. It encourages bad posture and could potentially result in the formation of spider veins, but it requires less muscle control and has been adopted by many as the standard way to sit like a lady.

The third way a woman might sit is not ladylike at all, and is instead a more manly type of posture. It involves either resting the leg on the other knee or sitting with legs wide open. Neither is becoming or classy, and should be avoided at all cost if wearing a dress or skirt of any length.

Never sit with your knees and feet side by side, with your arms hanging over the back of your chair, or with a scowl on your face. Being a classy lady is exciting, respectful and a mature choice in today’s society. Your poise and confidence will shine through your seated posture, allowing others to acknowledge your classy nature before you utter a word.