How To Lighten Under Eye Dark Circles With Simple Home Remedies.

Under eye dark circles can be caused by many factors such as: Nasal Allergies, oversleeping, sleep deprivation constant rubbing of eyes, excess exposure to sun etc.
Under eye dark circles can easily be tackled and cured with the following simple home remedies that would lighten your under eye dark circles and also keep your skin nourished and hydrated.
Aloe Vera gel will definitely leave you with bright and relaxed eyes.  It has high anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which makes it good for lightening your under eye circles. Apply Aloe gel in the affected area and allow to dry. Then clean it with clean wipes. Do this once at night.
Cucumber is rich in vitexin, orientin and cucurbitacins which help to treat under eye circles. Just like Aloe Vera, Cucumber is anti-inflammatory and helps to get rid of under eye dark circles. Place a refrigerated Cucumber in the affected area making sure the affected areas are well covered. While lying down leave it for 10 minutes.
Almonds are rich in vitamin E. Almond oil is used to soften the skin, leaving it supple and bright. Apply a small amount of it in the affected areas and massage it into the skin and this helps to lighten the under eye circles.