When it comes to interior design, you don’t have to go down some complicated path, just keep it as simple as possible. Interestingly, simple things in life turn out to be the best of things. This also applies to figuring out how to make your bathroom more attractive. Just because there are lots of advices out there, doesn’t mean that you have to apply every single thing to one room in your home. Another reason for staying simple is that it’s cheaper and doesn’t make your room look congested that you feel you are having your bath in a cupboard. There are some great ways to enhance the beauty of your bathroom with minimal effort, and it really amazing how a few changes can make a big difference in your bathroom. Completely change the look of your bathroom and have your family and guests appreciate the fresh new look without you changing the entire room.

REGULAR CLEANING: No matter your busy schedule; endeavor to make out time to always wash your bathroom, make sure it is free from all forms of stains both on the wall, floor and sink especially after brushing your teeth. You will give germs opportunity to dwell in your bathroom if it is not regularly and properly clean. One thing is cleaning and the other is cleaning properly. In order to have a sparkling clean look, you can use a glass cleaner or furniture polish on your bath screen such as mirrors. Wipe off water on the floor of your bathroom after every shower you can also get a chemical for your tiles to retain/restore its sparkle.

KEEP AWAY PRIVATE ITEMS: Some things are meant for your eyes only, it doesn’t tell well of you when guests walk round your bathroom and find sanitary pads or personal items on the sink or floor of your bathroom. Clear everything apart from a few essential items that you make use of all the time. Make your bathroom less clustered for more space; it is wise to get a small basket that you can keep in a corner or under your sink for your dirt and any used/finished item. Ensure that the basket doesn’t find its way out to obstruct free movement around your bathroom. Don’t make it a habit to leave dirt in your bin basket for a long time before disposing it so you don’t cause your bathroom to have awful smell and become a no go area for visitors.

LIGHTING: Bathroom lights can make a whole difference to the look of your bathroom. Often times, if our bathroom look terribly it is either because the lights are horrible or there are no lights at all. A bright light will give your bathroom a bright and amazing look. Having a simple light dropping from the ceiling won’t be a bad idea. The whole idea is to make your bathroom more radiant, expose dark areas by giving enough light.

PAINTING: Not all paint should be used in the bathroom, there are specific paints for bathroom that can further enhance the beauty of your bathroom after adhering to the above instructions. Don’t hurry to paint your bathroom because you feel it is not important and shouldn’t be paid any attention. Your bathroom is as important as other parts of your home and must be taken care of. No one wants to hurry out of a cozy room, make your bathroom very attractive and no one who goes in will hurry out. A beautifully painted bathroom will help your bathroom to be warm and cozy at all times.