The most difficult part for a bride is picking a colour to use for her wedding and most brides struggle to pick colours at the beginning of the planning process. 

The first thing every bride wonder about is what the colours ‘’mean’’? What vibe do they give? Does it bring luck and charm to the occasion and newlyweds? What is the role of the colour in a relationship and a whole lot of questions? Well not to worry, all those questions will be answered in this article. We’ve created a list of popular colours and there meaning. 

Let’s have a look at some bride’s favorite shades and maybe you’ll get a bit of inspiration for not only the hues that should be used for your own big day but the vibe that follows the vision.

GOLD: gold is a very attractive colour that brings out the beauty in every bride. Gold means lavishness, luxury and warmth. Gold colour also represents platinum. So every wedding that will be filled with luxurious lavishness and warmth should be gold themed. 

ROYAL BLUE: the royal blue is a magnificent color for any bride who wants to look like a princess and have a fairy tale wedding. The royal blue evokes ballrooms, Cinderella stories and happily ever after. This colour is usually paired with a paler blue, yellow or gold. 

SILVER: the sliver colour says a lot it says ‘’I can afford it, but prefer not to flaunt it’’. So if you are that low key type of bride, then sliver is for you. 

PURPLE: The purple color speaks personality it’s usually an unconventional and likely to achieve position of authority. Purple colour speaks royalty and can represent magic, mystery, creativity and strength. The fun part about purple color is it evokes romance and nostalgic feelings.
RED: red means unending love, strength, courage and determination. The red colour speaks a lot for it guides the couple through the word of love. Red can also be symbolic of an increased enthusiasm or interest, confidence to pursue your dreams, and can symbolize power and passion. Red is often the colour chosen by an outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive bride. Any bride who is optimistic and open-natured should go for red on her big day.
PINK: when it comes to picking pink for your big day, just know that a great symbol of love and beauty centres on the colour. Pink is also a blissful colour and can represent a funny or quirky personality. Pink is a colour of affection, gentleness, and charm. 
GREEN: green is one colour to look out for as a bride to be. It symbolizes harmony, and balance. Green colour on your big day represents a new state of balance, and hope and also renewal of peace. One amazing fact of this colour is that it makes you relax, compassionate and loyal to your spouse. 
BLACK: black is timeless, stylish and sophisticated. Black is one color that can be impressive without being showy.