Must have accessories for men


Let’s dig into a man’s world a little. When it comes to accessorizing, the men should not be left out because it is not only women whom should use accessories.  So who says women are the only ones that need to accessorize and look stylish? There is no other way for a man to redefine his style than by picking the key accessories that’ll accentuate his look.  There are things men love, there are things men need and there are also things a man should not stay without when it comes to accessories.

Here are the top accessories for men.


The wallet is a small flat case commonly used by men to hold some valuable things. It comes in different colours, shapes and sizes. This small flat case keeps personal items like money, ATM cards, plastic ID cards and of course a place where he can keep a girls number e.t.c. The wallet is one important accessory every man should have.


This accessory is a great addition to any mans look. The belt is not only there to keep a man’s pants up but also it aesthetically improves his appearance which is  the reason some  belts comes with stylish and beautiful buckles. The belt strap comes in different materials ranging from skin to leather. This accessory comes in different colours and patterns as well.



Wrist watch

The time piece is a necessity for everyone especially the men folk because it is the only acceptable jewellery for them. Therefore in order not to leave the hand bare, a nice wrist watch should be worn to complete every man’s outfit. This accessory comes in different stylish looks that brings out the beauty on every man’s wrist



The sunglasses earn their place on the “Must have accessories for men”. This accessory is an eye-wear that adds the aesthetic look in a man’s appearance. A man should at least have two pairs of sunglasses in his accessories list at least a classic and quality pair that can be worn out to wow people.



Cuff-links are an amazing accessory for men that add a touch of nice look to a man’s outfits. This small piece comes in different styles and designs and a must have for every man. This piece can be used on co-operate wears as well as natives.





Men sweat a lot, therefore perfumes are a must have accessory every single man should have. Perfumes are fragrances that have breath taking scents that will mask any undesirable odour to the minimum. It is therefore strongly advised that every man should go for perfumes with pleasant fragrances.



By Maimuna Bagudu



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