A Nigerian musician has bought a doll to replace the duties of a girlfriend



It seems like the buzz for life-sized dolls have not gone out of trend yet. After the production of life-sized dolls that would be able to replace girlfriends or boyfriends were announced, many Nigerians went all out over the trend. There were photos of men in different parts of Nigeria proposing and professing their love to dolls. A Nigerian musician identified as Mr Shaa has joined the trend after he bought a life-sized doll worth one million naira. He shared photos of the doll on social media, stating that he named her Tontoh. The Melody crooner also revealed that the doll would release him from the burden of sharing other people’s girlfriends. He revealed that the doll would save him from heartbreak, asking people to recommend a stylist for her.

He said: “Welcome to Nigeria TONTOH… at least am finally free from sharing people’s girlfriends no more late night tears or worries, TONTOH will not cheat on me. Please I need a good stylist for my TONTOH ”

By Mercy Kukah


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