Signs you expect too much from your relationship



Have you ever wondered if you expect too much from your partner? First of all, you should know that there is no perfect relationship because we all make mistakes since we’re only human. We all want our partners to be there for us when we need them but do we consider their needs or desires? People often tend to measure unconsciously whether their partner is good enough for them. There is a lot of research that shows that people’s expectations tend to influence their relationship satisfaction, always try to pay attention to what you want from your partner and see if your demands are reasonable.

Here are ways to tell if you expect too much from your partner;

You feel your partner is not good enough for you: Do you often feel that your partner is not good enough for you? Do you think you deserve more but you don’t know exactly why you think this way? Apparently, your partner seems to be doing everything right but you still feel like your relationship is missing something. Well, have you ever considered that maybe you are just expecting too much from them? We are responsible for our own happiness, it’s not somebody else’s job to make us happy.

You are obsessed with your partner’s faults: If you seem to be focusing only on your partner’s faults, on what they do wrong, and you tend to neglect all the wonderful things that they do for you on a daily basis, you should consider the possibility that you may be a bit too demanding. We all make mistakes and we all have flaws; nobody’s perfect and neither are you.

You have high expectations of your partner: We all want to feel loved and accepted for who we are with all our flaws and qualities, but sometimes, we tend to idealize our significant other. We expect them to be romantic, cute and funny all the time and no matter how busy or tired they are, they should always do everything in their power to make us happy. Well, we all have bad days, so try to give them a break every now and then, take some initiative and be the one who helps them feel better.

You expect your partner to read your mind: This is one of the most common mistakes that couples make; they want their partner to know exactly what they want, without telling them what thing it is. Especially if they are in a committed long-term relationship, they feel like their partner should understand them without having to explain themselves.

You want a sensitive partner: Do you often feel like you deserve a sensitive partner? Of course, we all want to be with someone who understands us, who cares for us, who makes sure that we are safe and who is very attentive all the time. Well, there’s no such thing as the perfect partner. Instead, try to be the perfect partner yourself and see what effect this attitude will have on your significant other’s behaviour.

You think your partner is lucky to be with you: I’m sure you are a great girl and that your partner really is lucky to be with you but have you ever considered seeing things the other way around? Do you consider yourself lucky to be with someone as wonderful and caring as your partner? Do you notice their qualities or all the amazing things that they are doing for you on a daily basis?

You think about starting a new relationship when you feel frustrated: When your partner frustrates you, do you often contemplate ending your relationship or starting a new one? When you are having a fight, do you always blame your partner for all the things that go wrong in your relationship? Try to reevaluate your behaviour and see what are the things that you don’t do right because for a relationship to work, both partners should put in the effort and not only the expectations.

Always try to be objective and see if your expectations are reasonable.

By Mercy Kukah