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The Hausa tribe is one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria. It has a long history and stable religious and cultural traditions that have had a direct impact on its traditional attire. Its cultural heritage and traditions were carefully preserved for many years and interwoven with modern trends creating stunningly and beautiful compositions. Clothing allows Northern women to express their personality. Despite the fact that modern fashion is somewhat different from what was customary in ancient times, comfortable and beautiful outfits are still an important aspect of Hausa life. Let’s consider the most popular styles. In the wardrobe of Hausa lady, you can find not only classic traditional outfits but also modern original dresses which designs is filled with native features. There are many ways to enrich almost any costume with the national details.

Northern Ankara styles
The most common are the Northern Ankara styles with large patterns, interesting prints and natural drawings that adorn a woman with any type of figure and attract everyone’s attention to her. You will easily find an outfit for everyday use and celebrations. The choice is extremely wide and versatile. The modern fashion market meets the needs of even the most demanding ladies. A dress inspired by Hausa culture will allow you to look
charming on a walk with friends, a noisy party or an important event. In most cases, the nature of the  event determines the outfit; you just need to decide what is suitable  for which event. This season designers have offered ladies various fashionable Ankara dresses dotted with bright tones: elegant, strict, simple, cocktail, evening.

Lace styles
A special place in Hausa fashion is occupied by the elegant and refined lace material. Girls who live in Northern Nigeria simply adore this material. The main thing is to choose the densest fabric that does not open up unnecessary details to the onlooker as the Hausa people have strict traditional and religious foundations that keep women from being too frank especially with their bodies.



Aso Oke
Especially popular is the Yoruba fashionable accessory the Aso oke; which has never lost its popularity among Hausa women. It helps to emphasize favorably the beautiful feminine figure, to have a refined and elegant appearance. In Aso oke, any girl will have a delightful look in beautiful form will attract attention to her thin and flexible body.


 The Hausa girls look especially majestic and mysterious when wearing long luxurious mantle with a hood. This element allows creating a truly dignified and royal image of a chaste woman. Even extreme modesty does not prevent Hausa women from looking beautiful and attractive. Ladies from this tribe emphasize the most exalted
characteristics of the beautiful half of humanity and avoid defiant styles.


Hausa dressing style for wedding
The wedding day is one of the very important days in the life of any woman. Most ladies hold traditional ceremonies and pick out clothes in accordance with national customs. Fans of Hausa traditional outfits can choose the most appropriate modern or ethnic variant to look delightful and remember their wedding day in the brightest colors. Modern designers make great efforts to create something truly original and beautiful. Regardless of the theme of the wedding, decorating the banquet hall, you will find suitable Hausa attire for the bride. Ladies can purchase ready-made dresses or create their own designs from scratch. Even if you are a guest and not a bride, a chic outfit will be necessary for you. Friends and relatives of the bride and groom can look delightful using Hausa motifs in their clothes. Many of the above features are used by other tribes. An important detail that will allow you to identify the Hausa woman unmistakably is a traditional body art called Lalli (henna). It is an elegant drawing on the hands and feet that lets the bride stand out against the backdrop of the guests. It’s amazing when Hausa girls combine Lalli with interesting patterns on the fabric. The material of the dress or cape creates a joint composition with the girl’s skin. The Hausa women look very harmonious in these images filled with natural motifs. They often wear Gele or cover the head with a cloth. The headgear allows the lady to look chaste and modest but at the same time bright and attractive.




By Maimuna Bagudu



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