How do you know if your man’s crazy about you?


Men aren’t always as open as women in relationships. So it’s often hard to know what he’s thinking or feeling. Instead of flat-out telling a woman how he feels, he’ll normally show it through his actions. It’s a beautiful thing to realize that your man is amazingly crazy about you. There’re certain things he does that are enough proof that your man is no doubt attached to you and cannot do without you.
If you see any of these then know that your man is crazily in love with you.
Hold your purse: Holding your purse isn’t on the list of things guys love to do. Yet they’ll do this gladly for a girl they’re crazy about. Whether you’re trying clothes on or dashing to tell a friend something, if your guy does this for you then realize how much it truly means. You’ve found someone who adores you.
Shop for tampons: No man enjoys doing this. The ladies aisle is one place he doesn’t want to be caught dead in. What if his buddies see him? However, if a man is dedicated to you then the ladies aisle won’t phase him. He’ll brave it to get whatever feminine products you need because he loves you.
Defend you: Guys won’t defend a girl they’re not crazy about. Most guys are non-confrontational and feel that a lot of things aren’t worth the fuss. But when you really mean something to a man, he’ll passionately defend you. You’re special to him and he can’t stand the thought of anyone not appreciating you for the special person you are. If your man stands up for you then you should appreciate the treasure you have.
Visit you at work: Most guys shy away from where their girl works. They’d rather wait to see her after work than deal with being observed by all your coworkers. They know that they cause a stir when they show up at your job. But if they’re crazy about you then they won’t mind. If you work somewhere with a very feminine atmosphere such as a hair salon or makeup counter then give your man double points for dropping by your workplace.
Stand by you through hard times: A man that stands by you through hard times is one whose love runs deep, indeed. If a man isn’t committed to your relationship then he’ll use difficult times as an excuse to find his exit.
These are some few out of the many things men do when they’re crazy about you.

By Mercy Kukah