Palm Oil – A great remedy for dry natural hair


Many people are wondering how possible it is to apply red palm oil to their hair, how to apply it and the effect it will have on the hair. Well, am glad to tell you that red Palm Oil is great for dry hair especially natural afro-textured hair. It moisturizes dry hair giving it shine, bounce, softness and manageability without being heavy or weighing the hair down. The hair’s ends retains softness and bounce. Red palm oil contains lipids and saturated fats that feed the hair shaft and eliminating dryness. The moisture beads in palm oil improves the texture of the hair by making it soft to the touch and strong enough to withstand manipulation.

To deep condition your hair with the red palm oil treatment, you will need;
•       ¼ cup of palm oil
•       6oz/177.4ml of banana puree or two bananas smoothly blended
•       ¼ cup of your favourite conditioner
•       1 tbsp. of extra virgin coconut oil
•       Shea butter or virgin olive oil to seal in after application (optional)

How to apply;
1. Cleanse your hair with shampoo, put your hair in 4 sections, and
apply the mixture while finger detangling.
2. Then coat the hair with your Shea butter mix.
3.  Deep condition overnight for about 6 hours.
4. Then rinse with cool water and don’t apply any more products after that.
A word of caution. As we already know, red palm oil can stain easily and is difficult to remove so always wear something you don’t care about when you want to apply the mixture and also layer your bathroom floor with newspapers if necessary or you can do it outside.
So, if you have been dealing with dry, unhealthy hair, this palm oil deep conditioning treatment is the best to restore your hair to its glory and your hair will thank you for that.

By Mercy Kukah


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