Preparing for your first flight experience.



 Can you feel those butterflies in your tummy, because it is your first time to board a flight?  it is quite normal to feel this way and also scared. But not to worry as yours truly designed all you need to know as a first timer in boarding a plane? Your first Flight is always a remarkable experience, for some it is a rather scaring experience, while for others it could be that moment when they take lots of selfies.

Check out things you need, and the experiences you should expect.


The first thing to do is to book your ticket just like the way you get your ticket for road transport ; this also applies to booking a flight. This could either be done online or by visiting an agency that deals with travels, or at the airport but it is advisable to book online before time  as most air companies gives a slight discount for early birds. Another advantage is to avoid seats getting filled up on time most especially when you have a deadline to meet.


After booking your flight, next thing is to get yourself set for the trip.  Make sure all documents are ready for the journey especially if you are on an international trip, do not forget to carry along your documents such as your Visa (), Invitation letter, flight tickets amongst others not mentioned. Make sure you are at the airport one hour before your flight and at least three hours for international trips as airport protocols might be time wasting sometimes.


Now that you have got yourself set and have passed certain security checks to get to this phase, you need to identify yourself with the airports security check points by showing them your ticket alongside other travel documents. In addition, you also get to drop your luggage which also passes through a screening process by the use of high tech x-ray scanners. You get to leave your luggage with them here while the officer on duty hands you your boarding pass as well as the receipt for your luggage which you would get when you arrive your destination.


This is the main deal! Since you  have finally checked in and passed all the very many checkpoints,  is now  time for you to board the plane. First you pass through the final security checks where you are most likely almost going to have to strip naked (kidding) . It is very important you Wear good shoes and socks! You take off your shoes here to pass through screening.  It will be very embarrassing to have worn a smeling socks or a bad shoe!  Very importantly,  at this check point, you get to tender all of your mobile devices as well as anything metallic in your possession including your belt on most occasions and jewelries. Once this is done the officers stamps your boarding pass. Remember there are two Parts in an airport, the local and international. If you are on an international trip you will be asked to pass through immigration where all necessary documents will be thoroughly checked to avoid mischief. This is however contrary when you are on a local trip.

Now that you have got all you need to know about travelling by air you can as well book that flight and probably fly for fun in your next trip.