Protein Hair Treatments for Gorgeous and Healthy Hair


Daily styling and environmental pollution are the two major reasons for hair damage. Women in the past were blessed with the healthy environment, safe and healthy food, plus a simple lifestyle. According to recent studies, stress is the primary cause of hair loss.

It is necessary to combat the reasons of stress to control the hair loss problem. Yoga reduces the stress and relaxes the body muscles. Using shampoo frequently accompanying environmental pollution strips off the essential oils from our hair, which damages the hair follicle leaving behind damaged strands.

Protein is one of the vital building blocks of our body and is essential for healthy body, skin, hair and nail. The human hair is made up of protein filaments; that makes it quite easy to understand the importance of protein for our hair health. Protein promotes hair growth, adds shine to hair, instantly increases hair volume and protects it from further damage.

Taking Protein Rich Diet

First, you have to replace your diet plan with a protein-rich diet. Do not confuse protein rich diet with protein diet, as they both are different. Protein rich diet means adding foods containing protein to your regular meals while protein diets include high protein values, which are specifically for those who are training to build muscles or on a weight loss program.

Sources of Protein

Take the following food items according to your daily required value for healthy results:

Meat Protein

Turkey (One of the best-known source of protein)



Lean beef steak

Chicken Breast

Vegetable Protein






Dairy Protein




Mozzarella Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Protein Hair Treatment

Protein treatment is simply applying protein-rich ingredients directly on your hair. There are several ways to have protein treatment. Try out the following protein hair masks for amazing results within a few days.


Eggs are rich in lecithin which helps to both strengthen and moisturize. The yolk is the primary ‘active ingredient’ in eggs when used on hair. The yolk acts as a serum, helping the hair to reflect light for an appearance of shiny hair. Rinse hair with cold or luke warm water to avoid the egg yolks cooking.


The most complete of kitchen conditioners, mayo offers the benefits of eggs and glosser (oil) in a ready-to-use, convenient form. A few drops of your favorite essential oil can cut down on the scent of the mayo.


Avocado is a wonder fruit with so many excellent benefits when consumed. It also funnels its awesomeness when applied externally on hair. In addition to moisture, this fruit is full of amino acids, all promoting strong, healthy hair growth. Before applying to hair or mixtures, use an electric blender to pulverize the avocado and get rid of chunky pieces.


In addition to being a softener, yogurt also contains lactic acid; an AHA which strips the outer layer of the hairs’ keratin, helping to improve absorption of other strength building ingredients. Due to the stripping properties, this treatment is best used as a pre-poo prior to application of a moisturizing deep conditioner.

Coconut Butter

Also known as coconut cream concentrate, this tropically scented butter cream tops all the benefits of coconut milk times ten! Of all listed, this is the most pleasant ingredient which can easily be added to your store-bought moisturizing deep conditioners for a weekly deep condition.

By: Umaru Maryam Hadejia


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