Aisha Pariya and Aliyu Boya



Aliyu Wakili Boya is among the top Lawyers in Adamawa. He presently has two functioning law chambers. He is also the executive chairman of Fufore Local Government Area, and the ALGON Chairman of Adamawa State, controlling all 21 local governments in Adamawa State. He is currently the Sardauna Malabu, and was recently honoured by HRH, the Lamido of Adamawa, with the prestigious title of Sarkin Matasa Adamawa.

Aisha Umar Pariya is the daughter of Umaru Njidda Pariya, Gimbiyya of Malabu. She graduated from Canadian University in Dubai, BBA Human Resource Management, and currently pursuing a masters’ degree in International Management at the International University of Monaco; graduating in June.


The story of how Aliyu and I met is somewhat clichéd and somewhat weird, but in a sentimental way. You can call it coincidence or pure serendipity; but I call it FAITH! My husband, Aliyu, is actually a distant relative of mine and till date, our families are still really close.  I call it faith because 26 years ago, his parents’ home in Yola was where my mum’s Budan Kai (unveiling of the bride) was held during her wedding to my dad. His older brother was the leader of the delegation that took my dad’s introduction items (Goro) to my mother’s parent’s house, to ask for her hand in marriage on behalf of my dad, and interestingly, 26 years after, the same older brother was part of the delegation that took my own Goro to ask for my hand in marriage, but this time, on behalf of his own brother. I find that Super Sentimental!

Anyway, he had been into me for a few years and he often visited my father’s house alongside my uncle, but I had a hard time viewing him in a different light other than my uncle; so I never really paid much attention to it or bothered to give him my time.

It happened for us when I travelled to Saudi Arabia for Umrah during the Ramadan, and as God will have it, he was there on Umrah too. (I still believe he was there because he learnt from my uncle that I was going to be there too) LoL. Jokes!

Anyway, having known that I was going back to Monaco after the Umrah, and he probably wouldn’t see me for at least three months, he seized the opportunity to join my family for a couple fancy Iftar dinners (Breaking of one’s fast). After seeing the kind of person he was, I genuinely knew in my heart that he was the one. I even began to question myself why I never gave him a listening ear; clearly I almost played myself, ha-ha! I would have missed out on being with my very own Prince Charming, literally!

Few weeks later, his delegation took the Goro (Introduction/Proposal items) to my parents. Ultimately, I call it faith because it happened in the Holy city and that was one of the main reasons it felt so pure and right to me.     By Aisha pariya