Simple steps to exfoliate your skin


Your morning routine can take a turn for the worst if just seconds after applying moisturiser you notice dry, flaky skin. Your natural next move might be to go into defence mode and start with hydration, but those patchy spots could be a sign that you have skipped a critical cleansing step which is exfoliation.

A face scrub is essential for three reasons. Firstly, it deeply cleanses the skin, dislodging buildup in the pores and helping to break up whiteheads. It also smoothes and refines the skin’s texture, giving it a soft, supple look. And lastly, it enhances blood flow to the face, giving the appearance of a fresh glow.

Now that you know why you need to exfoliate your face, here is how to do it correctly.

Focus on the rough, dry patches of skin.

You see the excessive dryness, but you should set aside time to thoroughly examine it. Go outside in the daylight with clean skin, and bring a mirror. This will help you to understand what is going on and the areas where you might need help. I believe that everyone should be their own skincare expert, and this is an essential step in getting to know your skin. Concentrate exfoliation on the places where your complexion is especially dull, flaky or uneven.

Gently exfoliate in upward, circular motions.

Before you go to bed, splash warm water onto your skin and scrub. The biggest mistake people make is being heavy-handed. A little goes a long way; let the exfoliating particles do their job. You just want to facilitate the glide across the face, that way your skin feels great and you don’t over-treat it. If you have frail capillaries, applying face oil prior to using your scrub will act as an extra layer of protection for your skin. And if you notice sensitivity or redness, exfoliate only once a week instead of twice in a week.

Be sure to keep a close eye on how your skin reacts to exfoliating tools, and cut back on use should you see irritation or redness.

Use a hydrating moisturiser after exfoliating.

Wash your face with warm water, and then gently pat dry with a towel. Apply moisturizer cream to your face, or you can use your favorite anti-aging serum before heading to bed.

Try and get use to this morning routine, it will make you look much brighter and your skin significantly smoother.

By: Mercy Kukah