After years of trendy, back breaking, over sized bags, welcome to the world of ‘’small is the new big’’ as the new wave of micro bags, also known as mini bags, debuts in the world of fashion.

Virtually all the major designers across the world have released adorable doll-sized versions of their classic bags. The mini bags trend adds beauty to one’s appearance, it’s an easy way to smarten up a casual look, and they’re so much more party ready than their oversized carry- all versions.

The mini bags are known for being the cute companions and counterparts to the girl on the move. These tiny bags have become major must haves among many of our favorite fashion accessories.

These ‘itty bitty’ bags, as I call them, provide classic beauty and fun to any outfit. Whether you are running errands, hitting town or everything in between, there is no occasion for which this micro accessory wouldn’t stand out.

Stylish women are downsizing their everyday handbags with the smaller, more presentable mini bags, showing that less stuffing can be liberating.

The mini bag is also a sign that fashion is keeping up with the economic landscape: with digital payments on the increase with credit cards, we have less to carry in terms of cash in our mini bags.

On the order hand however, the mini bag may not hold a lot of essentials, but it packs a lot of punch, for conventional logic dictates that a hand bag should fit the essentials: keys, wallet, phone, credit cards, powder, lipstick, a small bottle of perfume and anything else one might need during the day.

So for those afraid of switching to a smaller bag from a bigger one, you can start with a carry- all that comes with a removable pouch. It’s a transitional step that can lead you conveniently into sporting the small bag.



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