Abayas have become very trendy these days for modest fashion. They are the symbol of grace, elegance and modesty. Gone are the days when people associate Abaya with Muslim women, these days, non Muslim women wear different pattern and styles of Abaya in order to get that outstanding and beautiful look. Because of its increasing popularity, many fashion designers include Abaya in their collections.  Basically, Abaya designs are the combination of unique ideas, colors and latest designs. These days, women love to wear them in different colors which give a graceful and elegant impression to their personality. Abayas are worn in different ways and with several types of accessories. Now the question is which Abaya designs/patterns are popular and how do women wear them?

The Most popular Abaya is Kaftan Abaya style with front knot. As we all know, the Kaftan has been around and is considered as the most popular Abaya style. Kaftans are designed with beautiful embroidery neatly done along neck cuffs and other visible places. Basically, Kaftan Abaya style is designed in double shirts. The neck line of Abaya is particularly given more focus as the outcome of its finishing give a radiant look.

Many Muslim women prefer to wear multiple folds Abaya in order to add elegance to their look. In this style, Abaya is designed with multiple folds which are fastened with mental brooch in the front side. This beautiful style of Abaya comes in so many colors such as pink, lilac, blue, red and so on.  This style can be worn anywhere especially when it is well accessorized.

Another popular design is the open or loosed sleeves. If you want to look impressive and stylish, try this style of Abaya with a beautiful hijab to accessorize it. This design is usually designed carefully and stylishly from the neck down to the knee and then the loosed sleeves. Depending on the color, the sleeves are often designed with silver sequins. There are the unique styles of Abayas that are worn with any color of long sleeves shirts depending on the color of the Abaya. They are very stylish, and they give the classy look. This kind of Abaya is said to be unique because they can be worn anywhere. For example, it can be worn casually for the casual outing with flat slippers, simple earrings and a small bag, and can also be worn for occasions with a simply tied head-gear and a matching shoe and bag with accessories. This style is highly fashionable and quite different from the regular ones. After discussing some common styles of Abaya, it is easy to conclude that if you want to wear Abaya for your next beautiful event, you should decide first which style of Abaya you want to rock for you to stand out. If you decide to opt for any of the above styles, be rest assured that you will definitely add style to your personality.



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