This is real life and it is filled with shocking stories. No one is to be trusted and if for any reason, you must trust anyone, ensure they have passed several tests and can be trusted.
That is not to say good people don’t fail tests, but it becomes painful, shameful and heart breaking when we betray the trust of those who hold us dear to their hearts.

When we do this, we have helped in not only destroying the trust people have for us but also the trust they have for others. It is natural to want to believe everyone is the same especially after experiencing several betrayals from friends and loved ones. Whether you have experienced betrayal or not, the mere thought of betrayal can kill you before the actual death.  Read the story of a woman whose trust, love or may be foolishness almost cost her marriage.

It was my wedding day and we had fulfilled all righteousness required for us by the church and the tradition. I had danced vigorously at the reception just so my flexible husband will not undo me. This got me too tired but to my greatest surprise, my husband wasn’t. When we finally got to our hotel room and all I wanted to do was just to shower, cuddle up a bit with my Anthony and then go to bed. My husband wanted otherwise. He was bent on (I, himself, our chief bridesmaid and groomsman going out to have few drinks before we finally retiring to our hotel room). The bar my husband wanted was not even close to our hotel room. I decided to make him see reasons why he should let us stay in our hotel room to celebrate the union, but he was adamant.

Our groom’s man left us in the hotel after receiving a call that required him to leave urgently, but Anthony was still bent on us going out for a few drinks. In order not to disobey, I decided to go with him for the drinks. I usually don’t drink but my Chief bride’s maid and my husband persuaded me to try my first bottle and I didn’t only end at first but proceeded to until I saw myself taking the sixth bottle and all I knew after wards was that everything seemed like a dream around me.

I saw myself as the chief bride’s maid, not the bride anymore. When I woke up in the morning, I knew everything was wrong. I was all alone in bed and my husband was nowhere to be found. I played back the turns of events of previous night (the ones I could remember, at least) and my heart sank. I jumped out of my bed to my chief’s room which was just the next room to ours. Shockingly, I saw my husband and chief in the act. They were obviously too drunk that they forgot to bolt the door. They jumped as soon as they realized I was in the room. My head spun. My wicked chief ran out before I could get hold of her.

Then I found the note she left by the lamp stand. It revealed how she had been wondering how it would feel to have a taste of a newly married man on his wedding night. So she had it all mapped out. My chief bride’s maid had been nursing the intention of sleeping with my husband. She also revealed how she got her chance when we got back to the hotel after having the drinks. She said she saw how I wanted to sleep but my husband wanted a piece of the pie even in his drunk state and she decided to help my husband and I by giving him what he wanted. But the only thing she hated was that my husband kept muttering my name while at it! This happened few weeks ago. My husband is very sorry about the experience, but I am yet to forgive him because I believe he planned the event of that night well in advance. Otherwise, why did he insist we all go out? Why did he persuade me to drink? I have moved out of our apartment and am staying with a friend in an undisclosed area. I cannot imagine my best friend tasting my man on our first night of being married.

On a second thought, it was my fault; I shouldn’t have allowed her position as my chief bride’s maid exceeds the wedding venue. What was I even thinking when I allowed her to follow my husband and I to our hotel room when we should have said our goodbyes from the reception venue? Little things don’t seem to count until they turn out to be mistakes.  I would have said it won’t happen next time, but I don’t pray to remarry even though my husband messed up big time due to my silly mistake. It’s a pity I had to pay for my foolishness this way.