Tiger-nuts Milk (Kunnun Aya): A healthy Drink for Your Body


Tiger-nuts Milk (Kunnun Aya): A healthy Drink for Your Body

Tiger-nuts milk (Kunnun Aya) is an incredibly delicious and nutritious drink with a lot of health benefits. If you care about your health, then you should consider trying this healthy drink, especially if you haven’t tried it before. But for those of us who already know about the benefits of this drink, we are already living by the health benefits it provides. Apart from making milk out of tiger nuts, they can also be eaten raw and whole; but have in mind that the chaff is not to be swallowed.

Tiger nuts have long been recognized for their nutritional benefits. They contain great amount of soluble glucose, vitamins E and C, and high energy foods like starch, fats, sugars and proteins. In addition, they are rich in minerals such as phosphorous and potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, which are necessary for bones, muscles, tissue repairs, growth and development.

Tiger nut milk is suitable for diabetic people because it is sugar free. It also helps in weight control due to its content of carbohydrates with a base of sucrose and starch (without glucose), and its high content of Arginine, which liberates the hormone that produces insulin. It is good for those who suffer from indigestion, flatulence and diarrhoea because it provides digestive enzymes like the catalase, lipase and amylase. The high content of oleic acid has positive effect on cholesterol, thereby preventing heart attacks, thrombosis and activates blood content of soluble glucose. Tiger nut reduces the risk of colon cancer. It prevents constipation.

Tiger nut contains a good quantity of vitamin B1, which assists in balancing the central nervous system and helps to encourage the body to adapt to stress. The milk from tiger nut supplies the body with enough quantity of Vitamin E which is essential for fertility in both men and women. Vitamin E also delays cell aging, improves elasticity of skin and helps to clear wrinkles, acne and other skin alterations.

In China, tiger nut milk is used as a liver tonic, heart stimulant; it is taken to heal serious stomach pain, to promote normal menstruation, to heal mouth and gum ulcers. It is even used in Ayurvedic medicines. The black species of the tiger nut is an excellent medicine for breast lumps and cancer. The tubers have a relatively high total antioxidant capacity, because they contain considerable amounts of water-soluble flavonoid glycosides.

It may interest you to know that the consumption of antioxidants could protect the immune system against malnourished populations. Therefore taking foods that contain enough antioxidants may delay the progression of HIV infection to AIDS.

Tiger nut milk is a wonder drink that contains no alcohol or any damaging agents in it. It is pure, natural, healthy and recommended for everyone.



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