Laughing toddler with mom

One may wish to know or seem to already know who a toddler is? Any which way it will be necessary to remind us who already know and enlighten those who desire to know that a toddler according to Oxford Dictionary (2020) is a child who is just beginning to walk. Come what may, in this article the toddler here is a literary figure and should be understood from that perspective to avoid misconception(s). Albeit, life at every stage has its own challenges and by nature challenges are meant to bring out the best in us. Many people see challenges as obstacles whereas they are but trials set up on our paths to put our capacity to test. We must accept whatever challenge(s) life throws at us and steer through with resilience. Take a toddler for instance who has no challenges related to sight defects, hearing impairment of any form of physiological disabilities, will by nature make efforts to reach their desired place in any given environment. Imagine what a toddler goes through attempting to take the first step. The toddler rises and falls, yet still rises up again and again repeating same action with or without support they find a way to get up and move. Efforts per se are in many cases intrinsically motivated and what people see a toddler do which extrinsic is a result of a decision that was taken prior before the action took place. On that note, decision making cannot be overruled in a success equation. However, to succeed one must take a decision. Perhaps, some may have a contrary view which is logically correct as there is no particular path to where we desire to go beyond where we are. If a toddler can decide to move from one place of comfort to another place, they desire to be then why should an adult feel comfortable with flimsy excuses? The answer can be logically put; the result of indecision. Toddlers before seventh (7th) month of their lives after birth in the cradle can see clearly if there has not been any impairment so to see. They attempt to speak, attempt to move, in all they do they strive to make moves rather than feel so comfortable in the arms of their parent or guardians. Consequently, if a toddler is restricted or confined to a particular space without giving an opportunity to explore and make exploits. The brain is limited to think that life is limited and that that is it to life. By creating a fence for a toddler, we protect them but that fence should be removed as maturation takes place. Humans by nature are intelligent and we are all smart in different areas. According to Howard Gardener (1983) an American Developmental Psychologist described Nine (9) types of intelligence; Naturalist (Nature smart) Musical (Sound smart) Logical-mathematical Existential (Life smart) Interpersonal (People smart) Bodily-kinetic (Body smart) Linguistic (Word smart) Intra-personal (Self smart) Spatial (Picture smart). Now, taking an adult into perspective who had been through all these as once been in that stage of a toddler now lost hope in standing tall and taking a step. One must understand life from a toddler’s point of view on a daily basis we must strive to maintain balance and forge ahead regardless what life throws at us. We ought to understand how things work and where we are quite smart at and less smart at to enable us improve, accept our weaknesses, prove our strength, look out for opportunities and possibly identify threats. There are different scenarios that can be likened to be that of a toddler, such as; your first day at work, the first day you started a business, the first day at school, the first day at whatever you can ever imagine. You must take that decision either to stand up and take that step and endeavor to maintain balance. Balance is what sustains you and stabilizes you. Not allowing the fences created by circumstance become a barrier that you feel stuck in a place to a point you become too comfortable and your mind is been programed to think that life only exists behind those fences. Growth is quite tasking as it comes along with changes in the way we think, the way we see things, the way we do things and the way we relate to the world around us. However, for a toddler it is not so. A toddler plays with everything as the minds tries to play tricks on them. We must learn to see life as they see it and do not let ourselves be sucked up but rather inhale then exhale to enable us breathe rather than get choked up. A toddler cries, screams, makes unpleasant sound when feeling discomfort. The toddler smiles, laughs, leap and plays when feeling safe and protected. The above paints a picture that is insightful and draws our attention to that fact that we can either release a positive energy or a negative one. It is natural to feel sad but unhealthy to remain sad. Sadness is indeed an emotion but a negative one just as happiness is also an emotion which is a positive one. Whatever happens we are led by choice and this revolves around decision making. In whatever situation, circumstance or environment one finds oneself. It is imperative to critically think and take the first step of a toddler. That steps that changes everything and takes you to that place of your dream. Success is no rocket science or borne out of mere luck but from hard-work which is empirical ab initio. One must have the useful skills to enable you improve in any of your endeavors as you travel through space and time

Written by: Fatima Abubakar