Tricks for Flawless Foundation


To make your foundation look so natural that no one will know you are wearing it, make sure you are applying it with the right tool and not your fingers, even though applying foundation with your finger tips help the foundation to melt.  Our finger tips have a large number of fine blood vessels that provide heat to the foundation and helps it to melt; so most people assume that this melted foundation is easy to apply and sets better than the one applied with sponge. The disadvantage of applying foundation with finger tips is that you cannot get even coverage with fingers, instead, you get patches on your face. When you spread foundation with your fingers tips, the warmth of your skin can thin the formula out in places, making your makeup uneven.

Here are some interesting tricks to guide you in apply your foundation

Find your perfect colour: Test foundation on your jaw line and check it in the daylight. The colour is correct if it disappears without blending. Finding the right shade at the store can be harder, but if you can’t afford to splurge on foundation, get a beauty adviser at a department store to help you pick the perfect color, and ask for a sample to take home. Then bring it to the store and look for the closest match.

Prepare your skin: Always prepare your skin before applying makeup. Scrub your skin deeply to remove dead skin cells and dirt. After scrubbing, wash your face with cool water and apply water based moisturizer or toner. This will help tighten your skin, add shine and make your pores less visible. This should be done at least two hours before starting makeup.

Swipe it on the right way: If you want just a little coverage, use your fingers. For more coverage, use a sponge. The Beauty-blender Cosmetic Sponge is a cult favorite among pros: It leaves just the right amount on the skin. For everyday, dab foundation only where you need it to hide pimples, camouflage redness or even out your T-zone. To get an airbrush finish, blend makeup all over, including the eye area, starting in the middle and working your way out.

Do concealer after foundation: If you apply it before, you will use more than you need. And that base of foundation keeps concealer crease-free. Look for a lightweight liquid in a colour one shade lighter than your skin; going too light looks fake. Use a small pointy brush to cover the darkest part of under-eye circles, usually right below the inner and outer corners. If other little skin flaws aren’t quite covered by your foundation, dab on a tiny bit of concealer there too.

Finish with luminous powder: Unlike old matte versions, it won’t suck the life out of your face. New translucent powders that reflect the light help skin glow and take down shine, Dust one on in a W motion. Starting at your hairline on one side, swoop down to your cheekbone, up to the bridge of your nose, back down the other cheek, then up again to the opposite hairline.

Try these tricks and you will feel the great difference.


By: Mercy Kukah