Turban: stylish and modern


One can never under estimate the world of fashion. The fashion radar keeps getting hotter and hotter and a lot of ladies don’t want to be left out so they try hard to go with the trend. Gone are the days when turban was used mostly for religious or traditional purposes among Nigerians. Looking at the latest fashion shows, the turban is fast becoming a trend to reckon with.  It is easy to tie and styled differently. In Nigeria, it has almost replaced the popular gele tied with aso oke or damask. Turbans are now the new cool.

Turban is an addition to the world of scarves, inspired by old ages. Wearing of turbans started with the people of the Sikh faith who pride themselves in wearing the head gear as a requirement of their religion. In the beginning, men used to wear it, but gradually it shifted towards women wearing the same thing but with a lot of variety and classy touch. This type of turban can be worn at any party or family event in a stylish and chic ways so that the lady herself can keep her head covered and also look fashionably on point with others. Many women dread bad hair days but thanks to this discovery, a fancy, colorful turban can make any woman glow as much as she likes.


Turban has redefined ‘elegance’ and stands out among other types of head wraps in Africa.These days many fashionistas look elegant when they rock turbans.  However, picking the right turban and knowing how to wrap it around the head is vital to achieving that gorgeous look.  It’s not like before that you only had one way to wear it and every other woman wore the scarf in the same way. In addition to sparkling diamonds, red lipstick, and a lovely Ankara style, there’s no fashion statement quite as glamorous as the turban.  Whether you are partial to solid already-formed styles, or tying your own with a colorful vintage scarf, a turban can add a touch of drama to anything from jeans and a lovely blouse, to a sweeping gown.

Don’t be scared to try out new things, you can rock the turbans in different colors to any event and even to the office.  Look fab and be beautiful!

By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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