Benefits of Chewing Gum


Not all of us know that chewing gum is highly unsociable and it is actually a thing that most people don’t like because of smacking noise it makes which could be highly irritating and annoying to the ears. And because of this we are advised to stop chewing gum or to “take
that gum out of our mouth”. People overlook some of the positive aspects of chewing gum and some of the ways in which it can help our health especially our oral hygiene.  Whether you chew gum for pleasure, boredom, relaxation or fresh breath, chewing gum is very beneficial to your health.

Chewing gum is more than just a breath refresher. As it comes with some benefits:

  1. Burn calories: anything you do can burn calories whether it’s running, walking, thinking or dancing. Chewing gum can have the precise same effect and cause you to burn calories due to the consistent chewing motion.
  2. Suppresses appetite:  chewing gum helps in suppressing appetite for those aiming to lose weight.
  3. It improves our breath: chewing gum is good for your breath. Generally flavoured with strong mint, it can easily override any bad odour and also helps the flow of saliva which of course can wash out the mouth and kill off bacteria.
  4. It’s good for our teeth: chewing gum makes your teeth strong and sharp.
  5. It helps to improve digestion: chewing gum does not directly help you digest food, but it improves the performance of your digestive system. This process is carried out by the flow of saliva in the mouth.


By Maimuna Bagudu


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