To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others. The secret of happiness is to appreciate the people who understand you while having no concern with the rest. This is the thought on happiness of Albert Camus, who was an ancient writer. Can this line of reasoning about happiness be applied to our modern time? What is your take on this?

Hafsatu: If you must achieve success and happiness, then you must surround yourself with those whappreciate, understand you and make you happy. Nevertheless, those who do not often appreciate you are spring boards to success because they make you feel you haven’t done enough and this pushes you to want t be a better version of yourself. I would rather focus on those who boost my confidence by appreciating me when I have done well, than think of those who seize every opportunity to talk me down and see nothing good in what I do.

Dorothy: I do not agree with you Maimuna.  I believe to be happy, you must ensure you make others happy. No one gives what he or she does not have and no one understands what he does not know. If you give happiness, be rest assured that you will get happiness in return. Show equal appreciation to those who understand you and those who do not; those who do not will begin to check their conscience in no time. It is unfortunate that these days, people are paid back with what they don’t deserve which ought not to be. People should be shown some level of love whether they understand you or not, bringing them close to you and showing some concern in their affairs will help them understand you better. 

Usman: Everyone deserves to be happy. Sometimes, it is not what you have, where you are, or good things that makes you happy; it is the kind of people you surround yourself with that matters. If the people around you are joy killers, then be sure to always wear a sad face; but if the reverse is the case, you stay happy even when the going gets tough. Albert Camus’s thought is right and anyone who wants to be happy and appreciated should adopt it.

Toyin: Of course, it can be applied to our modern day life, because if we spend more time building ourselves rather than being concerned with people who don’t appreciate or understand our principles, then we would be better people. When you become too concerned with everyone, this might affect you emotionally, mentally and psychologically. Sits best you focus on the things and people that make you happy because you can never satisfy everyone. You can only satisfy yourself by deciding how, what and who you keep around to make you happy.

Zahra: Everyone deserves to be happy; what you call happiness, though relative, matters. You can decide to choose people who do not care whether you deserve happiness or not over people who strive to make you happy and even try to understand when you are not. I see no reason why I should bother myself with people who do not appreciate me when I can spend time caring for those who do; I see no reason why I should force myself to be understood by anyone, when I love and appreciate myself. I believe in giving back to people what they duly deserve. You can only be happy when you have the right people around you. If they do not appreciate you, ignore them and pay attention to the ones that do. You must also remember to give if you want to receive. Your happiness matters. Invest in it.



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