! It’s Wednesday again; and today we are crushing on a lady I call ‘miracle’. A strong lady and a fighter who has learnt a lot from her life struggle, she goes by the name Samira Sanusi.

Samira Sanusi is a Nigerian writer and a sickle cell activist who was born in 1990 to Muslim parents. She is a graduate of Business Administration from Kaduna state University who was born with sickle cell anaemia and at the age of 15 she developed health complications that sent her on a 7 long year’s battle for her life.

Samira underwent 28 surgeries after undergoing the Bone Marrow Transplant surgery which her brother Mustapha Sanusi donated to her and is known as the cure for the disease. Samira and her sister had a successful BMT and are now AA and healthier than they have been all their lives.

Her battle with Sickle Cell is what inspired her to start the Samira Sanusi Sickle Cell Foundation (SSSCF) to help people living with the disease. The foundation raises funds for organizations and clinics that provide Sickle Cell patients with care, aid and treatment. After going through challenges that comes with Sickle Cell Disease Samira wrote a book titled ‘’S’’ is a SURVIVOUR.

The book has given people fighting all kinds of battles strength and inspirations and in turns reminds her that there is a purpose for pain and past. This amazing young lady has achieved a lot for herself and her foundation. She was recently named among 100 Arewa influential people. She was awarded the Marine Platform for writing from Northern Nigeria.

By Maimuna Bagudu


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