Most people have strong feelings to check either their partner’s phone or spouse’s phone. Some check their partner’s phone secretly. Why has it been like that? Don’t really know. Now my question to you all (men & women) is it right to infringe on your partner’s privacy in the name of “LOVE” ……….. Or how would you feel if your spouse were to check your phone and ask you to give the full account of everything you do or everywhere you go?

I don’t agree with spying one’s spouse’s phone. I use to go through my husband’s phones in the early days of our marriage, I really didn’t have a reason to, but it was just out of curiosity. Someday I dialed a number I suspected, it was actually newly saved with a female name, a lady picked and answered “guy how far?”, I asked who she was and she said “Madam secretary, why don’t you ask your husband”, and then she dropped the phone and wouldn’t pick the call again, I had to wake my husband in the middle of the night demanding for explanation on who the mystery lady was, we had an argument that night, I threatened all manner of things if I find out he was cheating on me. To cut a long story short, the lady in question turned out to be one of my closest friends in the office, my husband and her were actually planning a surprise birthday for me in the office a week from the day of the call, and to think the call almost ruined my birthday and the stupid girl now calls me madam secretary in the office! From my experience, I think one should take time and observe his or her partner without spying unnecessarily!

Why not? He is free to check my phone. However, it has to be mutual thing allowed by both individual. That is to say, he is allowed to check my phone and I must be allowed to check his. It builds trust especially now that black berry has made it even easier for people to cheat. I have the problem of trust and my partner should teach me how to trust him. This might be difficult if he is guiding his phone or if I can’t spy on him through phone. How do I know if he is still talking to his ex? My husband does answer my phone and look through my messages without worries and vice versa.

It is just rude. Everyone needs a little private space. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiding things or not, a spouse shouldn’t feel the ‘need’ to do that sort of thing. I don’t read peoples phones and I never open a girl’s purse, just because it’s her stuff and not mine. I hate having no privacy. My girlfriend must be able to trust me without necessarily spying on me.

I am not ok with it, if he wants to know something; he can simply ask and if he doesn’t believe me, then there is no trust. In many cases, it very much is a sign of wrong doings, however that doesn’t give anyone the right to invade my privacy. If he needs to go through my phone for a valid reason, then it will be ok to prove that I am not hiding anything, but to specifically look through my phone looking at texts and or call log is a BIG no….

Personally, I don’t allow my wife access to my phone because I have dozens of girls I am flirting with on the phone. There was a day I forgot the phone at home while trying to see a friend, unfortunately, I was in traffic when I remembered. O boy, come see the way I was sweating inside AC. I went back and saw her all over the phone…….. It took me more than 6 months to put the issue to rest. Damn it, I won’t encourage that.