10 things you should never wear when traveling


Traveling can be a fun experience, but depending on where you are going, you want to be careful what you pack. One thing you should remember is that customs, traditions and religious beliefs are different. Certain attire can be considered inappropriate and can threaten your safety.

What not to wear when traveling is a decision on a par with worrying about whether to wear a trouser, a skirt or wrapper when you meet your in-laws for the first time. Packing is bad enough without having to worry about making an embarrassing fashion blunder.

While making your luggage decisions and thinking about what not to wear when traveling, you should be asking such questions as, is it stylish as well as functional? Will I be able to wear this wherever I want to go? If you want to have a nice experience, the best thing you can do is blend in because safety should be a key consideration no matter where you travel.

Before you bring out your big box to start packing for your journey, here are 10 things you may wish to leave in your closet:

1.  Religious/Immodest Clothing:  It is no secret that certain types of clothing are not ideal for some customs, traditions and religious beliefs. Different people have their religious beliefs and certain attire does not fit in with these beliefs. It’s wise to dress conservatively in any country holding deeply religious views, such as those in the Middle East. Women in particular should avoid dresses that reveal posteriors and cleavages. Men should avoid shorts and sleeveless tops.

2. Strong Fragrance: Traveling is not the time to be experimenting with cologne or perfumes. Be respectful of the other passengers on board. They might have scent allergies or maybe are not a fan of your new favorite scent dujour. This rule also applies to bringing food on the plane. Perhaps you think twice before buying super smelly food from the food court for onboard consumption.

3. Sneakers and Open-Toe shoe: There are many who are fans of sneakers and open-toe shoes. Sneakers are primarily worn when a person is playing a sport. If you are traveling anywhere, it’s generally wise to stick with closed-toe shoes, which can help prevent insect bites or cuts on your toes from gravelly surfaces. It is also not sanitary to wear flip-flops and other open-toe shoes when traveling to some areas because you can get infections.

4.  Shorts:Shorts are the ideal choice for many when they are heading somewhere warm and sunny. The Americans do love shorts, but some other cultures such as Indonesians don’t wear them for everyday walking around, no matter the season. Consider reserving your shorts for beaches, parks, tennis club and hiking trails.

5. Flashy Jewelry: There is nothing wrong with wanting to look nice and wear your most expensive, fancy pieces of jewelry while on vacation, but this is not the best idea. Never wear expensive jewelry when traveling because you can easily become a target for robbers. You can still look your best if you wear a more subtle piece instead of the flashy, extravagant stuff. So, don’t put yourself at risk.

6. Religious Imagery, Curse Words or National Flags: Avoid clothing sporting religious or military symbols, swear words, national flags and any words or symbols written in a language you cannot translate. There is no need to unintentionally spark an emotional debate while on vacation. It is also not a bad idea to leave religious jewelry, even cross necklaces, at home. If you most, wear them under your clothes so they are not visible to anyone.

7. Bright Colours: Just as certain type of clothing is frowned upon, so are certain colours. Bright colours are not very acceptable when traveling abroad. Aim for colours that are more toned down like navy, grey or tan. These colours allow you to blend in and don’t draw attention to you.

8.  Jeans: Jeans can be comfortable in most situations, but if you are going to wear them abroad, you want to make sure they fit and are free of wrinkles. Baggy or ripped jeans are frowned upon in some cultures, they may look disrespectful if you wear them into churches, mosques or other holy sites. If you are traveling to a warm and or rainy climate, consider alternatives to jeans, they don’t breathe well and take a long time to dry, making them impractical for many itineraries.

9. Back Packs: Although convenient when back packing, it will give you away as a tourist. Chances are, you won’t need that large back pack every day, so, you should bring a smaller bag that you can use when your larger one is unnecessary or inconvenient.

10. Cameras:Often, when tourists are seen, they have cameras hanging on their necks. This is not a good idea because you will be labeled as a tourist and be seen as a target for thieves. If you do this, it is best to put your camera away after you take a picture. Casual shutterbugs should snap a photo or two, and then put the camera away. Nothing screams tourist like a camera permanently hanging from your neck. Not only do you stand out, but you may also get targeted by thieves. Carry a camera or smartphone that can fit into your small bag.



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