Great potential yet unpopular places for Tourism in Nigeria


There are places in Nigeria which are not known for people to visit, yet they have great potentials for tourists. Let’s take a look at these places; you will marvel.



Abba cave is located in Akure town; its kind is so beautiful and rare. It strikes you with an unbeatable awe and with every look you cast in its direction, it pulls you massive sheets of weathered granite off a big rock and forms a cavity at its base. If you look closer at this cave, you marvel in adoration. People call it Aba rock because it takes the form of a traditional hut.

Such caves and many more amazing rock formations are scattered all over the hilltops of Akure. Over the years, the northern outskirts of the town have been of special attention as lots of these caves and unique rock formations are found there.

Aba cave is unusual and special because of its mode of formation and character of poise. For some years now, it is known to have been a favourite praying spot for some members of the Celestial Church. The interior and the external surroundings of the cave are often littered with congealed candle wax and wooden crosses.



This is a mighty rock which stands bold in Zuba, in the outskirts of Abuja, along Kaduna road. It bears a face that looks straight at the setting sun and it is never distracted. Since centuries past, its gaze has remained unchanged; a gaze that threatens to swallow its admirer, one that looks back at you in the eye if you look it in the eye. With a slightly opened mouth, it proudly declares its royal location. The most amazing part is that when passing the road, it appears as if the rock has swallowed the Abuja-Kaduna express way as it stands to a height of about 700m.



The story had it that Ogun was a woman and wife of the Okere of Saki. The Okere of Saki was a powerful ruler. He had one spiritual dress that he used to use for his protection, strength and or defence during the war/attack. This dress must not be beaten by rain or touched by a woman. This, he warned his wives seriously not in any day take or touch the dress. There was this fateful day the Okere went to farm and he spread the dress outside to be sun-dried. There was cloud forming and rain was threatening to fall. Ogun, the wife, was worried and did not know what to do because she did not want her husband to lose his spiritual powers. She summoned courage to look for a stick which she used to pick the dress from outside and kept it in the house.
The Okere in the farm was also very sensitive to the rain that was threatening to fall. He left everything he was doing in the farm and rushed home. When he got home, he found out that the dress had been removed from where he spread it. He found out that Ogun had taken it in. He was terribly annoyed with her without allowing her to explain. The wife had abnormal breasts which she had warned her husband not to abuse her with, no matter the degree of his annoyance with her. That day, he insulted her with it.
Ogun was equally powerful. She had a pot containing herbs which she used for her protection. She too got annoyed with her husband. She carried her pot of power and ran away to the bush. She was pursued by Okere and when he got hold of her, they both struggled together. During the process the pot fell and broke at a point called Oyo–Igboho. The content in the pot flowed out and is believed to become what is called River Ogun today.

River Ogun (where the goddess of Ogun the wife of Okere is believed to inhabit) remains the source of River Ogun at Oyo-Igboho. Right from that day, the Okere of Saki must not see the river face to face. Hence, he must cover his face with veil if he has cause to cross or pass through the river.
The river flows through the park and drains into the Atlantic Ocean. It breaks into pools during the dry season to form what is called Ibuya Pools in the park. The Pools is believed to have healing power on Fridays, if a sick person takes his or her bath in it.


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